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Putting in the Rows and Columns!

Now let's look at the code;

<frameset rows="15%,*">

<frame name="topframe" src="topframe.htm" scrolling="auto " />

<frameset cols="15%,*">

<frame name="sidebar" src="sidebar.htm" scrolling="auto" />

<frame name="mainframe" src="frames1.htm" scrolling="auto" />


The first bit of highlighted text is almost the same as the one for ROWS, except it says, er, COLS! We have divided the page into two rows, and this next row we are dividing into two columns, one 15% of the page, the other, the rest.

Had we started with COLS instead of ROWS, we would have divided the page into two columns, instead of having two rows.Notice how the left hand column goes all the way up to the top.  See this now!

Now let's relax and look at some frames pages!

Page divided into two rows.

Page divided into two columns.

Now let's look at hyperlinks in frames!

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