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Let's get framed!

Did you notice that something funny has happened and we seem to have three pages all at once?

Well, that's frames for you. Actually there are four pages!

There's one at the top. There's one on the left. And there's this one. And there's a sneaky invisible one that holds the lot together.

If you look at the top of the browser you will see the name of the sneaky frames page. You might think that that's my name. But I am frames1.htm!

Right click on me to view source and you'll see!

Although frames are very good for presenting information some people hate them. I hope you are thinking, "What a shame!"

A frames page is one in which you can load other pages. For example the frames page for this section has a menu on the left. you can click the items and they load in the main window, which is this one.

One advantage is that you can skip and move around pages while still being in control with the menu in front of you. Why not click on the side bar and go to the next lesson.

Or click here.

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