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The Font Tag !

T he best things in life are simple, so why do people have to mess with different colours? I don't know. It makes the pages hard to read, and rather tends to annoy rather than to impress. Give a child a paintbrush and he or she paints everything, instead of using it sensibly!

This sentence illustrates the use of the font tag.

The code is;

< font color= "green" face= "Bradley Hand ITC" size= "5" > This sentence illustrates the use of the font tag. < /font >

The COLOR tag changes the colour of the text. The SIZE tag can be in absolute size, form 1 to 7, or in relative size +1 to +7 which increases the size one step. Or using negative values, it reduces it one step.

Instead of using the font tag, you could use < big ></ big > which is equivalent to size=+1 , OR < SMALL > which is equivalent to size= -1.

The actual appearance of the text will depend on the browser used and the available fonts. Different fonts will have different sizes anyway! Use the font tag sparingly and wisely, like I don't!

If you'd like to learn how to write ÷ , or do an ellipsis  …       then click here .

Let's look at tables !

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