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Ken Ward's HTML Tutorial ...

Jumping from Images!

Click on the following image - remember to click the browser's back button to return!;

Back to Image Alignment

The code for this is;

<a href="ImageAlignment.htm"><IMG SRC="button.gif" ALT="Back to Image Alignment"></a>

Did you recognise the bit in brown as the code for inserting the image, and the bit in Fuchsia as a plain old anchor tag? Of course you did. So to make an image a hyperlink, just put the anchor tags round the image tags. Do you like that square round the image? If you don't, you know what you can do! - er, put! And the image now looks like this:

Back to Image Alignment
The code for the above image is:

<a href="images.htm"><img src="button.gif" width="127" height="44"

ALT="Back to Image Alignment" border="0"></a>

We are going to change tack for a while and look at lists.

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