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Making Comments in HTML!

When we write a page with a lot of code, and we come back to it later to wonder what we did, it can be made easier if we have comments in the document which don't show up on the page in the browser. If we use these tags;<!-- This does not show up in the browser --> Remember, that comments are comments that you the author make for yourself, and these are not visible on the page so the reader doesn't see them.

If you are like me you may forget to put in comments a few times, until you try to understand your code later on and begin to realise a comment or two can make revising the page so much easier! Look at the following trivial example;

<title>My Page
<!--This is the start of my page! As if I didn't know
that - I did say it was a trivial example!
<!--Start of my heading-->
<h1>My Heading - What my page is about.
<!--End of my heading-->


Copy the above into your editor and note that all you see in the browser is the title at the top of the browser and the heading. Please remember to use comments, at least minimal ones indicating the start and end of code. Note also how I have used (or ought to have used) comments in these pages.


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