Laughing at it all in the future now

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This is one special technique to feel good, especially when things are very bad. For example, you hate it at work, but for the time being, you have to go there (for money!).

Although this technique is very simple, you might be a bit surprised at its effectiveness. That is, what was previously horrible is now much better. What was impossible seems it just might be attainable. And people who weren't very nice, don't seem so bad after all. Of course, you can't change the world by changing your thinking, but you can change your world.

  1. First image yourself having completed the unpleasant activity, for example, just having arrived home from work. See, hear and feel yourself returning home and laughing heartily at the funny things that have happened during the day. Of course, you don't know what they are yet, but you do know what it feels like to be tickled by something. And you do know what you might say to yourself - "That was funny!", etc. You also know what you will see when you return home, and what you will hear and feel - for example, the feeling of the steering wheel or the sound of someone saying, "Hello", or the engine being switched off. Build up this experience using as many senses as possible. See yourself laughing. Feel the pleasurable emotion. Listen to the pleasant sounds. Be aware of this you - a few hours in the future - having a very enjoyable experience because the unpleasant experience has finished.
  2. During the bad time recall yourself in the future having finished the unpleasant activity.
  3. When you reach that point in time where you have built this pleasurable experience, for example, having returned home from work, then recall the funny things that have happened and have a good laugh. You don't know what they are, but they will be there!

In fact, whenever you want to feel good then remember with full mental vision, sound and feeling this image of yourself having a good time thinking back on the funny things that have happened, and feeling relieved that this has finished, at least for today.

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