How to Feel Good - Techniques


The following techniques have been used by many people and have been shown to help us become more peaceful, tranquil, and relaxed. Some of these techniques can even reduce intense emotion at the time one is experiencing it.

Feeling Good in the future Now! Laugh Now!

A technique to pull you out of a difficult situation and leave you laughing!

The Soap Opera The Soap Opera

If life is like a comedy show, then why not laugh at it now, even when you are one of the actors.

Six Step Reframing Six Step Reframing

This is a technique from Bandler and Grinder. You can use this to overcome conflicts and disagreements, within oneself, but also between others!

The eye of the hurricane! Keeping calm and relaxed whatever ...

Keeping a calm and unruffled mind whatever is going on inside or outside is an important skill that you can learn how to be the eye of the hurricane.

The eye of the hurricane! Learning the rules of successful living

By learning the rules that successful people use in order to live a happy and wholesome life, we can begin to apply this crucial information to our own lives.

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