How to feel good — the Soap Opera!

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Sometimes (who said always?) life is like a soap opera or a comedy show. But have you ever thought what it is like to act in a soap opera or a comedy show. The actors, in order to be funny may put themselves in tragic moods and situations. They have to repeat it again and again until they get it right.They get tired, bad tempered and fed up. It all seems to be too much. But then, later they can look at the show and laugh along with the audience. It might have been hard, tiring, exasperating work to do it at the time. but that's all in the past. Now they are the audience and they can laugh at it all.

I wonder if it is possible that we get so involved in life we forget to take a back seat as the audience and see the funny side.You might not be laughing now, but if you stepped back and saw yourself and others acting in this zany show, you'd crack up! Isn't it worth a try. Remember that this comedy business is serious stuff!

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