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Optimum Nutrition: Medicine of the Future

The Need for Nutrients

We are not all alike. The needs for your particular lifestyle must be adequately covered, preferably through eating more of the appropriate kinds of foods. In cases where nutritional deficiencies are causing health problems, the use of nutritional supplements may also be helpful. For example, if you smoke and drink alcohol frequently your nutritional needs will be higher. If you are pregnant, if you live in a polluted environment, if you have a high stress occupation or are suffering emotional stress, if you suffer from allergies, if you have any sort of disease, degenerative illness or inherited weakness - all of these factors may increase your needs.

The poor nutritional quality of many purchased foods is another factor. Depleted soils and lengthy storage, as well as toxicity from pesticides, antibiotics, additives, and so on can make an apparently healthy food of little value. Tests have shown that, for example, most people do not obtain adequate zinc, folic acid or the essential fatty acids in their diet, and health (physical and mental) suffers - the weakest link of the inter-acting bodily systems inevitably gives way.

Deficiency of any of the essential nutrients (below the RDA amount) will, over a period of time, result in illness. Recent research has shown that most of the population in Western countries is deficient in at least a few nutrients (the most common being zinc, selenium, B and C vitamins) and literally on the edge of illness.

Moreover, individual nutritional needs are frequently higher than the RDA amounts, and to reverse the effects of decades of poor diet and the resulting toxicity, yet alone to attain optimum health, larger amounts are required - preferably as part of an improved diet but if necessary, through supplements as well.

An Optimum Nutrition Formula
Vitamins and minerals are essential for almost every function of the body. They are vital for energy and they protect you from premature ageing and degenerative diseases. And because they work together they are best digested and absorbed as natural and wholesome foods, in the context of a balanced and varied diet, not just in isolation in the form of nutritional supplements.

Nevertheless, supplements can play a role to prevent the risk of deficiencies occurring and to remedy health symptoms caused by long-standing deficiencies due to inadequacies in our diet - all too common with cultural bad eating habits and over-processed foods. If you are suffering from significant health problems caused by dietary deficiencies, it is best to obtain personal professional guidance for remedial therapy from a nutritional consultant, who will work in liaison with your doctor.

The question is, how much do you need of the various vitamins and minerals? There's a big difference between the amount required to prevent deficiencies that would lead to serious degeneration, and the amount of each vitamin and mineral you need for optimum health. A few years ago, scientists at the University of Alabama worked this out for every nutrient and called the amounts Suggested Optimal Nutrient Allowances or SONAs. The following formula is based on SONAs and gives the amount of each essential vitamin and mineral that you need contained in your diet (with supplementation if necessary) for optimal health.

Click here for the Suggested Optimal Nutrient Allowances
including the deficiency symptoms for each nutrient


Degenerative diseases have three main causes: malnutrition, incomplete digestion and internal pollution. These are reversed by nutrient enrichment, improved digestion, and detoxification.


An excellent, varied diet will go a long way to providing the nutrients needed every day, and will supply the many factors that enable proper digestion and help to detoxify the body. Eat fresh, locally-grown, in-season organic produce. Eat slowly and chew your food well. A healthy, nutritional diet includes the following:

  • Fruits: apple, banana, grapefruit, orange, kiwi, lemon, lime, mango, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, cherry, grape, fig, pear, plum, peach, melon, plantain, papaya, pineapple, coconut...
  • Vegetables: potato, tomato, carrot, onion, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, avocado, asparagus, zucchini, scallion, parsley, spinach, kale, lettuce, chard, squash, radish, okra...
  • Whole grains: kasha, basmati rice, wild rice, wheat, oats, barley, kamut, spelt, quinoa, rye, millet...
  • Unsweetened whole grain bread and pasta.
  • Whole milk, cheese, and butter.
  • Unsalted roasted nuts: peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds, macadamia...
  • Unsalted seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, flax, psyllium...
  • Nut and seed butters.
  • Beans (cook well): kidney, pinto, navy, lentils, chickpeas, soybeans, black turtle beans, lima beans...
  • Grain-fed eggs, cooked well.
  • Fresh fish, especially salmon.
  • Plain non-iodized sea salt in moderation.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil in moderation.
  • Herbs and spices in moderation (use hot spices sparingly): garlic, ginger, basil, dill, thyme, bay leaves, rosemary, oregano, sage, fennel, red pepper, black pepper, cumin, chili powder...

"Phytoestrogens - Can Plant Hormones Help Women In Menopause?"
By Susun S. Weed - voice of the Wise Woman Way

A particular individual may need more of the nutrients in which he or she has been deficient or on the edge of deficiency for many years. A guide to this requirement is the deficiency symptoms listed on the SONA chart. Other important factors include essential fatty acids, enzymes and special complex carbohydrates that can aid the digestive system, beneficial bacteria and the many phytochemicals that are found in live plant foods (exemplified by the many valuable herbal remedies) that play an important role. These factors can be provided by an optimum diet, but as with vitamins and minerals, supplements may be helpful to remedy ailments or balance deficiencies in the diet. This is best done in liaison with a nutritional consultant, naturopath or nutritionally-aware doctor, who is best qualified to determine your personal needs.

I recommend to everybody who is genuinely interested in achieving optimum health, as well as those who are suffering from deficiency symptoms, that they obtain professional advice. There really is no substitute for this, even if you feel just fine - the expert's advice will help you to stay that way! Following a detailed personal analysis you will know which particular nutrients are needed, and in what precise amounts (and what foods or supplements are best to supply them), to correct deficiency symptoms or states of ill-health such as hypoglycemia, Candida, chronic fatigue, poor digestion, high toxicity, trace element pollution, etc. as well as possible allergic responses that need handling. If you are being prescribed medication by a doctor, it is essential that this also be taken into account.

Help with Healthy Eating

You are what you eat, they say, but taking full responsibility for food and healthy eating in your life can be quite a challenge. Especially nowadays, in the modern world, we are all surrounded by temptations to consume too much, and too much of the wrong thing. And not only temptation - a whole industry is devoted to persuading us to indulge ourselves to excess.

And what if your challenge is in the other direction? What if you have been depriving yourself unhealthily, and are trying to return to a more balanced approach? All that pressure is no help to you either.

Of course you need to take practical measures to manage your food intake and establish a good and healthy routine, but you will be much more likely to succeed at this if you focus on the psychological aspects of nutrition and eating. And this is where hypnosis can really help you.

The following food and healthy eating hypnosis downloads are based on a solid understanding of the psychological underpinnings of unhealthy consumption. You can find a download to help you comfortably, easily and effectively take control of how food contributes to your healthy lifestyle...

Anorexia Treatment
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Bulimia Treatment
This download can help you control and overcome bulimia

Drink More Water
This session will help program your unconscious mind to remember to drink plenty of water

Eat More Vegetables
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Gain Weight
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Gluten Free Diet
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Reduce Salt Intakep
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Stop Drinking Soda
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Help with Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? Hypnosis can provide the extra motivation and determination to keep you moving in the direction of your goals, and help you escape the many food traps that can cause weight gain.

Self hypnosis for weight loss is the perfect tool for re-educating your unconscious mind - the part that creates cravings and impulses - to give you back real choice in what you eat. You know that a real and permanent change in your weight only comes with a change in lifestyle, not through fad diets that you can't possibly keep up over the long term. The following weight control hypnosis downloads can help you make those changes, and far more quickly and easily than you ever imagined possible.

Why is hypnotherapy so much more effective than just dieting alone? Because it lifts you out of a double bind. On the one hand, faddy dieting and unnatural calorie restriction actually causes your body to store fat more effectively, and create cravings for high-calorie, unsatiating foods. In addition, feeling 'deprived' on a daily basis is eventually going to drive you to bingeing and rebellion, no matter how strong your self-control. In short, hunger always wins in the end.

Break the patterns and habits of poor or over eating and take control of your hunger and weight.

Taking a psychological approach with hypnosis deals with the hidden patterns behind poor eating and over-eating at the same level as they occur - deep in your unconscious mind. That's why it's so much more effective. Taking control back and giving your body the foods it needs will make maintaining a healthy weight natural and easy.

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Banish Fast Food
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Boredom Eating
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Control Hunger
Use hypnosis to learn a new way to respond to hunger signals

Eat Slowly
Slow down your eating and give your digestion a chance

Enjoy Healthy Cooking
Get the motivation to cook healthy food and develop a helpful habit

Keep Weight Off
Hypnosis will help you keep weight off after a successful diet

Low Carb Diet
Use hypnosis to 'reprogram' your brain to recognize a low carb diet as attractive

Portion Control
Learn how to unconsciously know when enough is enough on your plate

Stop Binge Eating
Hypnosis can free you from the grip of compulsive bingeing

Stop Comfort Eating
Escape the compulsion to make yourself feel better with food

Stop Emotional Eating
Keep emotional and physical needs apart with hypnosis

Stop Night Eating
Reprogram your subconscious mind to eat at appropriate times

Stop Snacking
Stop snacking on the wrong stuff. Eat the right stuff instead

Sugar Addiction
Train your brain to lose your sweet tooth

Think Thin
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TV Junk Food
Stop the wrong food types creeping up on you when watching TV

Weight Loss Motivation
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Weight Loss: Healthy Eating
Hypnosis can teach you to steer clear of diet busters and choose healthy options