The Stork

Painting by Tomas Karkalas
(width 42cm, height 61cm)

Digital Painting by Tomas Karkalas

Copyright © 2005
Member of the Samogitian Artist Association, Lithuania

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"Very emotional use of color and forms. It appears that we are looking out the panes of a window at a night scene of a bird standing in a pond. The bird looks like a stork and it appears to be standing in a pond of golden tones swirling around where its feet would be if they could be seen. The feel is Japanese in its minimal use of form to evoke the sense of an object. The overall feeling is dream like. The colors used are reminiscent of a sunset and they are more dominant than form. The stork in Native American culture represents solitary strength as it stands strong and stable on one foot. This stork floats ghost like above the scene with its legs and feet never seen, yet it still dominates with its watchful gaze. The light in the distance can be interpreted as either moonlight reflecting off of a pond or a powerful light source radiating forth its presence." --Melvin Thomas

The Transformational Art of Tomas Karkalas