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cover The Celestine Vision
By James Redfield
The spiritual insights first revealed in "The Celestine Prophecy" swept the world. Now, James Redfield takes a look at just how these insights have affected people's lives. This fascinating nonfiction book reveals the author's inside view of how people are discovering the transcendent in their everyday existence.
  cover Emotional Intelligence
By Daniel P. Goleman
The Western cultures esteem analytical skills measured by IQ tests: but there is clearly more to success and happiness, even in technological societies, than IQ alone. Goleman makes the case for "emotional intelligence" being the strongest indicator of human success.

cover The Heartbeat of Intelligence
By Elaine Matthews
The author clearly reveals Nature's unmistakable intention that a second level of intelligence exists, heart intelligence, 'designed' by Nature to provide a balance to the nearly infinite potential of our human intellect. Read more about this book here.
  cover Heartstorming
By Father Paul Keenan
Through meditations and stories, the book shows how the heart, mind, and soul each views many of the ordinary experiences of our lives. By recognizing and balancing these views we can obtain valuable insights. An excerpt from Chapter 1 is here.

cover Evolution's End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence
By Joseph Chilton Pearce
A critique of the way we raise our children and undermine our society's future from a pioneering thinker who speaks to the heart as well as the mind. Proposing crucial yet simple solutions, Pearce explains how we have the power to get out of our own way and unleash our human potential through the power of love, in making the connection to a higher, creative consciousness.
  cover Primal Leadership
By Daniel Goleman
Focusing on the four domains of emotional intelligence - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management - they explore what contributes to and detracts from resonant leadership: creating positive good feelings that unleash the best in people.

cover The Pleasure Prescription
By Paul Pearsall
In our lives it is not too much stress but too little joy that causes ill health. Current wisdom dictates that anything that feels good can't be good for us. But that's wrong - pleasure is the way to health, not a temptation away from it. Pearsall shows instead how to fill our lives with genuine joy, worth, connection and love.
  cover The Heart's Code
By Paul Pearsall
New findings about cellular energies and their role in the body/mind/spirit. We can become more sensitive to the wisdom and power of our heart energy.

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