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"My neck is not healing after a car accident - is there an underlying cause?"

Dear Ayal...

I have just come upon your web page and just LOVE it! I would like to ask you a question about my health. About 2 1/2 years ago I was involved in a rear end collision and suffered a whiplash. I have been having neck and head problems, pain and weakness in my arms which limits my activities. The neurosurgeon suggests a neck fusion but I do NOT want to undergo surgery. I have very limiting neck range movements. The left side of my neck muscles is more tight. I think there is an energy blockage but I do not know how or recognize how to resolve this. Yesterday I felt an enlarged nodule or gland on the left side which would need to be cleared of some negative toxins. Please, I would appreciate your guidance in dealing with and clearing this.

I have read about neck problems means inflexibility... I would like to think that I am flexible... but one does not see oneself as others do.


Thank you for your letter and your heartfelt appreciation of the site. Well, here goes. The first thing that comes into my mind is the question: "What had Flora create the car crash in the first place?" ...if we follow the principles that say we create our own reality. The answer is anxiety. Often we will create strategies to keep us from participating in life due to our fear that if we open up - to relationships, or abundance, or love, or joy - whatever it is we most want but are terrified we won't get - that we will only be disappointed and come "crashing" down.

So, what do we do to avoid this IMAGINED fear of loss or suffering or pain? We build ways to circumvent getting it. For example, someone may have a brilliant, inventive, and creative idea, but instead of following through with it, to avoid the POSSIBILITY of disappointment, they think: "Oh, that will never work!" In other words, the themselves disappoint and defuse it before the possibility arises that somehow someone or something else may bring them disappointment. But, no one else will disappoint us. It is our BELIEF that we will be disappointed that creates disappointment in our lives.

What is showing up for you is that your fear has closed you down to love for others and openness toward life - the heart chakra. You can hardly turn your head to face things, yes? My guidance is strongly suggesting that you work through this in meditation. Ask to see this loop of anxiety - the loop of expecting things to fail - and then ask that you be shown how to release the EXPECTATION or belief that you will be disappointed, betrayed, etc. In its place, you can instill trust, faith, love, openness to receive the joys of life - the belief that you WILL be fulfilled because you CHOOSE to be, and that you yourself create the joy you choose to have. Then you will not need to be incapacitated to keep you from participating in life. You won't create "crashing."

Also, the olive green Aura-Soma product, which deals with courage, positive thinking and refreshing your space, would be handy to help support you in this - as well as the Orion and Angelica pink essence, which gathers impurities and cleanses on a deep level, bringing in trust on an angelic level. These can be ordered from, along with instructions on how to use these very lovely and gentle essences. I think they cost about $20-$20 or so each. Blessings on your return to balance and healing.


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