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"Is there an underlying reason for my symptoms?"

Bless you for having this website. I'm at work right now and don't have a lot of time to write. However, I don't believe I have full blown Fibro if there is such a thing. The only symptoms I have are IBS and when I am not regular with this or around my period or ovulating I get this overwhelming sleepiness, like I can't keep my head up at work? This is not due to boredom or laziness, believe me I work a 45+ hr work week.

I don't know if I am going to be able to keep my job with the stress, etc. but I do want to be well and keep doing something. Thank God I don't have half the symptoms I read about on the web. My Dr thinks I do have this because when he pinches my skin it hurts especially around my colon and ovaries??? Go figure, I can't be pinched and fall asleep, how weird is that?

I do believe in holistic measures of healing, and that is why I am writing you. If you could send me some insight on how this could help my particular symptoms and if you don't mind, on your opinion on what I have?


Well, I can't give you a diagnosis as to whether or not you have fibromyalsia, as I'm not a medical doctor. I can give you what information I was shown about some of what may be going on for you that could help to bring you into a better state of balance. When we are more in balance, then healing can begin to take place more effectively.

My guidance told me that you need to cleanse yourself of accumulated psychic toxins. This involves looking at your shadow side, or those issues that you have not brought out into the light yet, to deal with, so to speak. One of the main issues seems to be a feeling of anxiety, or being adrift. Another is anger and belligerence; another is disappointment, and another has to do with acceptance/blame/criticism. So, you have some inner cleaning work to do.

I am also getting that it would be good for you to do some work with someone to remove negative entities. This makes sense as it seems as if you have neglected keeping your inner space clean, and negative or lower consciousness entities are attracted to emotions such as anger and blame, etc. You can contact The Foundation for Shamanic Studies to see if someone is in your area who can do this work with you, as one option. Their number is 415/380-8282.

The second thing that showed up for you was that your energy is off balance in that it looks as if your personality developed a very flamboyant style as a way of compensating for, or masking, your shadow side. In other words, you put out a huge amount of outer energy in a flamboyant way to cover up what you want to keep hidden away. You don't do your inner work - consequently, you are using up a lot of energy to keep things hidden behind a very extroverted mask. This is sapping your strength and keeping you in stress, keeping you "busy", geared up, always "on", etc. - but not in a healthy way. No wonder you feel sleepy - that's exhausting.

There is a way to keep both inner and outer energies in balance. The first step is to recognize what you are doing, and to see how you can re-balance it, if you choose to. You're needing to get "pinched" to wake you up - but by waking up I mean waking up to what is really going on - and to become aware of the inner work you need to do. But, a part of you doesn't want to get "pinched" or wake up - in other words, you are somewhat resistant to really facing what you need to. It's all symbolic - everything in our outer lives is just symbolic of what's going on for us inside. Interesting, yes?

That's all I have been shown to offer you at present - but, I think there's a lot here to work with.

Blessings, Ayal

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