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"Problems with my nails - do you know what this could mean?"

Dear Ayal,

May I ask a question of a medical nature please? On my thumb nails only I have deep horizontal ridges. This started to develop about five years ago and at times my thumb nails are tender. The nails on all my fingers are very thin, brittle and constantly split and break. My doctor has no idea what it is or how to treat it. Any suggestions you may give would be appreciated.


Hi - I would contact Dr. John Wilson at the Great Smoky Mountains Medical Clinic in Asheville NC. The number there is 828-252-9833. Dr. Wilson is an incredible, excellent, and sensitive physician who has a strong alternative medicine background as well. His wife is a homeopath. He has studied with Dr. Paricia Kane in Atlanta who is doing ground-breaking work in the field of looking at the body as a whole and doing cutting edge tests which analyze and give the specific info needed to rebalance the entire system. My sense is he would know. If it isn't possible to make an appointment with him due to distance or finances, as the tests are a bit expensive, he may be able to direct you as to what the issue is or guide you to someone in your area who would also have the ability to inform you correctly regarding this situation.

I had vertical ridges on my fingernails that he knew right away was a major imbalance in my fatty acids, and the tests validated that, plus gave us even further information needed to bring my body to a healthy and correct balance What is going on with your nails is a definite indication that some crucial part of your system is out of balance. I strongly advocate investing the money, energy, and time needed in your well being, as our health is the foundation of all else in our lives.

Best wishes, Ayal

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