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"Teeth causing problems"

I just wondered if you might be able to help me. I know about energy healing and that it can be done long-distance. I wondered if you could help me with an abscess in my left upper molar. I have had it several times...... and now I have it again. I am really busy this week and have some really important things that I have to do. I am also chronically ill with that Fibromyalgia. Just wondered if you would consider helping me. Thanks.


Hello. I am getting quite strongly that you need to be checked for heavy metal poisoning. Both the abscess and the fibromyalgia seem to be tied into this. You can have a lab do a test for heavy metals through your urine. Check with your doctor, or find a doctor who deals with this. If you have mercury fillings, they need to be removed. There is a book out by a Dr. Huggins, a dentist who was basically black balled by the American Dental Association for bringing this to light. His book is called It's All in Your Head, and in it he speaks about the incredibly serious effects of mercury poisoning and how to deal with it. There is a certain procedure that needs to be followed so that the mercury is taken out appropriately and isn't released back into the body to poison the body further. Mercury is the most toxic element on the planet, and dentists put it in our mouths next to the nerves that connect to the brain. Incredible, isn't it?

Also, often, when a molar is removed, a pocket of infection can be left behind that increases over time. It is necessary to go to a competent dentist and have the bone scraped so that all of the infection is removed. This pocket of infection, as it is so close to the brain, can cause very, very serious conditions in the body. If you have an X-ray done, it can determine if there is a pocket of infection there. If you do have this pocket of infection, you need to take care of it as soon as possible.

I would also check your environment for any other causes of heavy metal poisoning - such as paints, bug sprays, pesticides, toxic cleansers, cosmetics, etc. and do a thorough removal of all such items. You need to be using only organic products. Check out a Shaklee dealer in your area. Their products, including vitamins and cosmetics and cleaners, are thoroughly researched and are amazing and healthy, both for you and the environment.

I'd check into these possibilities right away.

Best wishes - Ayal

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