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"How can I recover after a stroke?"

How can I recover after a stroke? Please give suggestions on regaining the use of my right leg & the ability to walk. I suffered a stroke more than a year ago, after months of rehab I cannot walk. Please help!!!!


Your e-mail tells me a lot. Firstly, it tells me that you don't want to reveal yourself too much. You have given me no details about what your life is like, what you are going through, beyond that you are having an extreme physical difficulty. You didn't even sign your name, but gave an e-mail name. This makes connecting difficult. What I sense, in trying to tune into you, is that you are very concerned about having a real connection that will expose yourself, that you are also probably very resistant to seeing yourself and don't really want to deal with what caused the see what is really going on for you that created this situation. And... until you do, until you ARE willing to become more vulnerable and truthful with yourself, there's not much that can be offered you, even though I would love to do so. There's a LOT more going on here than just a physical situation. There's a lot that you will need to look at and unravel, like layers to an onion, to heal yourself. It can be done - all things can be healed, but the physical is simply the last place where issues manifest. If you want to heal, then you must be willing to face the issues that have created this.

Sometimes I get letters where, although people want to feel better, when I answer them with what I trust is a pretty clear level of truth, as it comes from a source of Guidance beyond the personal me - well, they don't really want to hear it or make the changes necessary. They'll write back saying something that challenges what has been offered, some reason why it won't work - even though THEY were the ones asking for the help. That troubled me for a long time, as I had an issue about people suffering and being in pain. I had to learn that it's ok. And to trust. To trust that we all have our perfect timing - when it is time to confront what we need to, and grow, we each will - it is up to each of us and must come from free will, when we are ready to do so. In the past, I've gotten caught up in this and was attached to people hearing "the truth" and healing and being willing to face what was up for them. I answered back, and we sort of went round and round. Through that, I learned a lot about myself. Through this, my lesson has been to learn not to push. And to accept that it's all ok. To concentrate on my own growth, and to trust that others will get there when it's right for them. Big lesson, and one I still deal with. With you, Mistydebb - I have a feeling that I could say, yes, it does relate to this or that, here it is. But I don't get that's what you really want. You just want to be given a physical cure that will take care of it. I know that it doesn't work that way.

So, dear one - here it is. If you really want to heal, when you are ready to be with yourself in a deep enough way to face these issues that caused this stroke, then write me back in openness to that - if that is your truth, that you do want to face yourself and "walk" toward your growth - I am here for you for that - if you REALLY want it. Otherwise, I am banging against a brick wall. And I've learned to love myself and to know that that isn't so good for me.

Best wishes for your full recovery, Ayal

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