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I'm wondering about energy - what I can do to gain more energy, and what areas of life to focus the energy I do have on? Thank you! :)s

Thanks for writing in. Well, this is a VERY broad and big question. Basically, the way everything works in the Universe! But, I’ll see if I can break it down for you a bit.

Energy is Infinite. It is in everything, in everyone, in every breath we take. Everywhere, all around us. It just Is what Is. So, it isn’t something we have to seek. It is already here. What everything is made of. What happens though, is that we can block it from coming in - we can block ourselves from receiving it. We build dams to the Cosmic reservoir, so to speak. And so, the first step to receive energy is that we must find the dams we have erected and created. Then, we have to dismantle them. At the same time, we begin to open and expand our understanding of the Universe as an Infinite Source of life and creativity. To do this, I believe, we have to go beyond religious dogma, which is usually and all too often a rigid, cemented set of ideas and rules, not an ever Unfolding, fluid creation or process, which is what the Universe is. We need to move more into the realm of quantum physics and larger spirituality - the nature of things.

When we begin this journey, information and teachers and teachings will come to us, because we have opened the door and put out our Intention to understand these things and walk this path. We open to it, in other words. We ALLOW it to come to us. Opening is the key. When we have erected dams and armoring due to misconceptions or illusionary thought patterns and beliefs, or we have scar tissue and barriers due to wounds and traumas we have experienced, we are contracted, rather than open. Things shut down, get brittle and hardened, rather than open and fluid.

When we open, however, we begin to see the big picture - the cycles of death and rebirth, the flow of Life, the World Soul. The Cosmic soul.

So, to answer your question for you specifically: on your journey, what is showing up for you, the dams you have erected that, if you choose to, you can begin the process of dismantling them, are these, to start with:

1) Understanding guilt and shame. This is the need to restore your own sense of personal integrity and self respect. You would need to explore where you have been hurt, and where you told yourself you weren’t good enough, that you did it “wrong” - where, in other words, you began to stop honoring and loving yourself: where you shut down. These thought forms are within one’s own mind, and they are full of self sabotage and self endangerment.

And so, the journey begins with finding methods and ways to regain that love and respect of yourself - of forgiving yourself for having thought thoughts that have not been loving and self supportive.

A great technique for this is called Ho’oponopon. It consists of 4 simple steps, but it must be done with true self exploration to find those beliefs within your own mind, and your own behaviors that have then come from that belief that have not been good for you, that have not been based on being loving toward yourself. The steps are...

First you say out loud:

  • I love you, Sue (and mean it - see what you love about yourself to help you feel this.)
  • I am sorry (that I did not support myself, love myself, help this belief that hurt myself, or acted out of a behavior or pattern that was not good for me, etc.)
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.

You can use this simple but VERY powerful method, as long as you truly see what it is that you are needing to release and transform - being honest with yourself to see the dams erected - anytime something shows up that you need to clear away. More info on it online.

2) The next issue to explore is your pattern of not being able to stand up for yourself and speak your truth - to feel safe doing this. To be able to set clear, firm, and loving boundaries for yourself. This is an act of self respect and self love - we don’t allow ourselves to be attacked, or to be put down, or to be anyone else’s door mat, because we honor and know our own beauty and strength and worthwhileness. To fully heal this, we do this, not from an angry place, but just from doing what is right and loving in the moment - like playing the right note in a symphony instead of a jangled one. We can understand someone else’s woundedness, if they behave in a hurtful way, but we get to a point where we know how not to take it on or react to it. We get to this point when we have seen what in ourselves created these kinds of situations and drew them to us.

When we heal our own inner issues, we do not then have to magnetize such matching situations or experience externally. Like attracts like - and when we get this and change our own level of vibration, the external world changes to reflect that back to us. Once we forgive ourselves, as mentioned above, and we stop blaming anyone or anything else, then we gain our own beautiful soul power. We take responsibility for our own energy and how we put it out, for what and how we behave, what we feel, what we believe. We make beautiful choices that support love and kindness and wisdom. As a shamanic teacher once said: “If you know someone is waiting to jump out at you from behind the bushes, you don’t walk by the bushes.”

And also, from another great teacher: “If you go to someone’s house, and they do not receive you well, or mistreat you, you dust off your boots and continue down the road”. In other words, we allow that which is for our Highest good, not that which is not. And that means clearing out the inside of our own mind. In this way, we are not behaving like teenagers who have to rebel against an authority - thinking someone else has power and we don’t. Because if we do that, we set up a lot of unfortunate things. We are, instead, centered in our own, clear Power, not blaming or polarized against anyone or anything else. When we ARE polarized, we have to spend so much time protecting ourselves, reacting against others, feeling helpless, etc., that we have no energy.

I invite you to watch the spiritual documentary The Secret - it will explain so much to you. It can be found on Netflix, I believe. Anyway, when you locate it, watch it - it’s fun to watch. It will truly help you gain so much wisdom and understanding and help dissolve the blocks to energy.

Last, but not least, when you have opened to receiving energy in a good way, then you apply it to what you love. You let your heart be your guide. Tuning into your open Heart, connecting with it, is the answer. To do that, we must peel away the layers of armoring, as mentioned above, that keep the Heart unknown to us and closed down. The Heart is key, as our Heart is a microcosm in our bodies of the great cosmic source.

Step by step - gaining clarity, wisdom, openness, love.

Blessings, Ayal

557. "I'm at an impass with my daughter, who is never happy with anything I do and has a negative attitude."

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