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"I've been turned down after several interviews. Is something blocking me from getting a good job?"

I have been unemployed for a little over a year. I have had several interviews for some fantastic jobs and have been turned down for all of them. Can you tell me if there is something blocking me from getting these jobs? or if I am even looking in the right field? I don't know if I should keep doing what I'm doing with the same types of jobs or if I should change my focus. Thank you for any insight you might have. This is taking a toll on my self esteem and I just don't know what to do anymore. I really need a job.

OK, sometimes the answer comes, and it is not complicated - just straight to the point.  So, here it is:

Your difficulty about not finding a job comes from the issue of "Rebellion Against Authority".

This means that when you go for an interview, or think about having a job, the energy of this issue rises up, is projected outward, and is felt, of course, on some level, by others. You see the people whom you would be working for, who would hire you, as THE AUTHORITY, and you as the one who has no power - so they are something to rebel against, and not work "for' or "with" them, as a team player. Sort of a "Down with the Regime" hidden, mental belief.

Usually, when this issue shows up, it comes from a place within a person where they feel that, in order to have power themselves, they have to have a war, of sorts, against those they "believe" to be the ones with the power. It also usually stems from a more adolescent level of maturity - a teenager has to "rebel" against the parents, or authority figure, they believe, in order to have their own life and establish themselves as an individual, not "under the thumb" of someone else's rules and dictates.

However, if you truly know who you are - and you have your own power and sense of yourself, then there is no "war" - there is no one to battle against - no one whom you "believe" will try to rule you or have power over you. It's all about what you believe - how you have chosen to think the world is. It's a way you decided, somewhere along the way, to think that this is how things are. It ties in, in this regard, with a form of victim consciousness - that is, the belief that someone else has the power, and you don't. If, on the other hand, you are in tune with your own true power - your soul's true power - then you do not view the world or others in this way, and you do not attract to yourself situations where this dynamic comes into play or is operating. You no longer see another as an authority over you, someone to rebel against. How can someone hire you if this is the under current operating, an energy that is felt, when you are looking for a job? No one wants to hire someone who will rebel against them, or have this issue simmering away in some part of them. True?

When you know your own, true essence, or soul power, then you are free to create for yourself that which you love to do - that which serves your highest Destiny, your Highest Good, which, in turn, serves others. When we come from this lovely place, which has nothing to do with "power" as we usually think of it - then we are nurturing and nourishing our own mission - what we have come here to do - and by "mission, I do not mean trying to impose anything or any belief on anyone else - not to fight or rebel against anyone else - not to see your way or someone else's way as better then any other - but rather to live your life from a place of knowing that we are here to experience fulfillment, purpose, joy, and wonderful adventures, by following and fulfilling our own path, and allowing others to do the same. When you truly get this, and can live from this place, that is when you can create and manifest for yourself that which serves you, that which delights you, and allows you to have the ability to live who you are in your fullness.

This issue of rebelling against authority comes from a past life that has carried through and is still operating as a pattern and a belief in this current life. The info coming in is for you to meditate on this, for at least a month, 2 times a day, for perhaps a minimum of 10 minutes, or longer, and see if you can get in touch with the origins of this, and then to continue to work at it, to release it, so that you can learn this lesson of self fulfillment, what your true responsibility to yourself is, from a clear place, in this lifetime.

Blessings, Ayal

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