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"My husband is in extreme pain - how can I help him"

Hello Ayal,

It is with great interest that I read your website! My question is not for myself rather for my husband. He was diagnosed with a seizure disorder and suffers from extreme pain in his hands and arms and legs. He is on medication for his seizure disorder. I worry about him. He is a wonderful husband and Father. Any insight would be most appreciated!


As you probably know from reading the column, I believe that all difficulties are created from being out of harmony, somewhere, in one's life. As I asked about your husband, that is what showed up. He is needing to cleanse accumulated psychic and emotional toxins from his system. He is needing to gain an understanding of living from Creator consciousness. Every pain in the body leads directly to an issue, and once that issue is tracked, resolved and faced - which means allowing oneself to FEEL the emotion stuck in the body, the emotion that is attached to the issue - then it can heal. Pain is the final way our beings have to forcefully catch our attention and say, "Deal with this. You can't avoid it any more".

Your husband has some issues and feelings to deal with that involve insecurity, courage, and a lack of ambition. Being in pain or creating an illness can serve a purpose in someone's life. For instance, your husband feels insecure and/or afraid of - well, living, actually, and in that sense, he is also afraid of succeeding. He has a reason, then, not to have to go out in the world. That level of creating is ok, there's no right or wrong, it's all part of the process of learning and growing - but, there are also other ways to deal with issues that do not require us to experience pain or loss of bodily functions.

There is an underlying feeling of hysteria that your husband has not faced. This expresses itself for him as uncertainty and anxieties. Often we come into a life carrying a lot of fear - fear that at any moment something terrible can and will happen - feeling that life is meaningless, chaotic, threatening - that things can turn on a dime - one minute to the next, you never know what will happen, etc., etc. If someone has this perception of life, they have come in to deal with the issue of Trust and Surrender. He has been "seized", in other words, by panic. This can be a great opportunity to heal this issue. Medicating it can be useful, as a way to deal with it, but that also can numb it - the deeper issue here needs to be faced and worked through in order for this to heal.

Panic can be a major thing to face in one's life - but once overcome, then one has the ability to live from a place of faith and trust and delight. That usually feels pretty good. I would advise your husband to read and re-read the The Laws of the Universe - to begin to be willing to face these fears - to be willing to have new perceptions about what life is really about. Making an intention to be willing to experience life from a place of trust, to be willing to release what has keep him in a place of fear, would be a good place to start to get the energy moving in a healing direction.

Best wishes, Ayal

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