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"I am experiencing a major dip in my career and self esteem. What can I do to revert this situation?"

Currently I am experiencing a (major) dip in my career and self esteem. When I was young, I was considered as a smart kid, getting showered with compliments for my smarts & wits during primary school, however I never really fitted in, and got bullied during primary and high school.

After graduation I did find jobs, but never managed to stick for longer than a year, so my cv is a display of 1-year jobs. Last year I worked abroad, and finally had a senior title/role. Unfortunately the relation with my manager went sour and I resigned and am now back in Europe. I found a job, but feel demoted, and the role is not challenging at all, and literally a step back with regards to clients, projects, responsibilities and salary! I have been applying, but with no success yet.

I am very depressed at the moment, and am very envious when friends share their career stories, how they get promoted, salary and stuff, and then I can cry because I feel so stuck and shitty about myself. I know I am smart, but due to the nature of my sector (design), I feel like I am considered as someone who can only PRODUCE and not THINK.

I really yearn for a career where I have responsibilities, get challenged, and if possible can travel.

What can I do to revert this whole situation, what do I need to work on?

Thank you so much and I look forward to your guidance.

What is showing up first of all is a block that you have that stems from "not trusting the flow and the process of life". This comes from not feeling safe, but also from not valuing and validating yourself. When you have a strong foundation within yourself of truly knowing who you are - knowing your own worth - then, whatever situation or moment you find yourself in, you are able to approach it from a state of mind where you feel safe, solid, joyful. This energy then radiates outward to life, to others, and life then responds back to you to match your own energy. Whatever thoughts and emotions we are generating from the inside, the way things work is that the energy of the Universe forms a template to match those energetic vibrations, or frequencies. So, if what you are radiating outward from the inside are energies of strength and value and self worth and self love - feeling in harmony with life, feeling joyful and unafraid - being fully yourself - then the red carpet gets rolled out in front of you and you are surrounded with the same energy you are putting out.

Depression often stems from a sense or feeling of hopelessness, and hopelessness comes from not believing that you have any power. As we go through life, we encounter situations where we can and often do feel powerless, because we have not yet developed or evolved into this strength and valuing of ourselves. These experiences cthen, and our response to them - what we make of them in our minds, deciding that we are not good enough - create blocks in our energetic field and in our bodies. they are wounded places, traumas, that must be discovered and healed and thus released. The beliefs that we make about ourselves, that we are not good enough - that we have no power - that we are helpless or hopeless- or that life is hopeless - are false beliefs stemming from insufficient data we have about ourselves.

Strength and joy are our birthright, but these qualities can get covered up by these situations we have gone through where we were not yet ready to handle them. It doesn't mean that we are worthless or inadequate or incapable. It simply means that we were not yet able to deal with them in the way we could have, and would have, had we had more data about ourselves, or more time to gather our true strength. This is where we need someone in our lives, before we are ready and/or able to do this for ourselves, to be able to give us the big picture - to give us this information - that we are wonderful and capable, and that it is a lifelong journey to grow into ourselves. It would be like explaining to a third grader that one day they will be in college, but for right now, they are in 3rd grade, learning what third graders are ready to learn. One does not expect a 3rd grader to be doing logarithms, for example. But one day, as they gather more information and training, when they are ready, that class will be given, and one can then handle it. However, most people do not receive this guidance - our own family and parents, teachers, etc. are also usually wounded beings who do not have this wisdom or ability to offer this level of guidance and compassion.

It is every person's journey, I believe, to search out this wisdom and inner strength for themselves. the ability to become a being of Self Love and inner authenticity, inner strength - true soul strength, which is based on wisdom and compassion - comes with experience in life - but it also comes with CHOICE. We must choose to seek out that which will help us to and allow us to heal and gain in wisdom and love. When we can truly love ourselves, and be solid within ourselves - not blown about by the opinions or energy or beliefs of others - when we trust the flow and the process of life, and know it to truly be a STREAM OF WELL BEING that is always available to us, if we but let ourselves jump into that stream and be in alignment with it - then we are carried along and can relax and enjoy the journey.

There are many techniques available to help us heal. A great one is called Whole Heart Healing. It is a simple but very profound technique that can be found online - look at the website peak It ought to be found there. If, after reading about how to do it, if it feels right to you, I invite you to go through this exercise 4 times in the next 2 weeks, and then as needed.

There is also an aura soma product that will help support you as you work with healing this - it is the equilibrium bottle number 2, the deep blue one, which is for deep peace and loving support. You can also find this online, if you type in aura soma. To use it, it is similar to an essential oil - you shake the bottle and then put some on your heart and solar plexus and throat, at least twice a day for a while. I'd say use it for at least a month.

As you go through the moments of your days, I invite you to begin to become aware of when you realize that you are coming from a place of fear - notice it, and then gently and lovingly begin to explore it. What has caused the fear, or belief that you are not good enough? Where does it come from, or originate from? Is it true, or a false belief? Notice where it lives in your body, and use your breath and your conscious awareness of it to open up those places in your body that feel tight or blocked, and ask for guidance to help you release it. Breathe into it, and let your exhale carry the block away. Breathe it out of your body. In this way, you begin to develop the practice and ability of Mindfulness. When you feel the energy release - and there are layers to these wounds, so you continue with this practice each time it shows up - you replace that old energy with something better - some belief or feeling or energy that feels good to you - whatever you'd rather have and live from.

It is like giving yourself an energetic transfusion - a new flow of energy and beliefs and, thoughts and emotions, that come from your true, Higher Self - that support you and give you the beautiful gift of Self Love.

Blessings, Ayal

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