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"I have fibromyalgia on and off and am looking for advice"

Good afternoon, I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalsia. I'm still not sure if I really have it or not. Some days when I get stressed it gets worse and some days or even weeks at a time I feel good. It covers so many areas of illness. Autoimmune, bla bla bla. I just don't know what to do anymore. Right now, I have a "flare-up" and my hands get a little stiff and my legs and sometimes tingling. I am a cyclist and maybe it started because I do long distance riding and a couple of years ago I did the AIDS bike ride from San Franciso to Los Angeles and it started, I think, about 9 months after that. Anyway, if you could help me or offer some advice I would be thrilled. Thank you for taking time to read this letter.


The information I got for you has to do with lifting feelings of depression and despair. This seems to have come from an issue you have about boundaries - about being able to stand up for yourself. Fibromyalsia basically is an illness that makes people stop, slow down, and face things. It often has to do with feeling very uptight, and stressed, as you mentioned - but the stress is coming from the inside - from beliefs you carry around. If you are running away from a core issue, this is a way to get you to stop and deal with it.

There is some break in your energy caused by shock and trauma that needs to be healed. Anxiety and feeling empty need to be faced and worked through. The issue of family rejection showed up for you. Did you feel rejected by your family in any way? If so, what emotions, what feelings do you have inside of you about that? Remember, once you get to the feeling/emotional level of an issue, you can heal it by feeling the emotion, and then releasing it.

How are you about being able to implement decisions? Issues of not having bonded completely (which I am assuming has to do with your family) are showing up that have something to do with this. Check out what you feel when you think about your place in the family. If you choose to, allow yourself to deeply feel these feelings. Just be with them, without blaming anyone. Like allowing sweat to run off of you - it's the same with deep feelings.

There is a lot of reaction/hate against stuff going on here for you. To be healed, one must, if one chooses to, understand what perceptions you have, what you believe, and see what that created in your life. In other words, an important part of the healing process is taking responsibility for how you chose to see things, and then fully feeling the feelings that go along with those beliefs and perceptions. That is how you release them. Then what comes next, is being willing to understand things from a new perception. Creating a new reality for yourself, in other words. Choosing to see things from a different angle - one that comes from a deeper understanding of Love.

Blessings - Ayal


Thank you for responding so quickly, I appreciate it. I have had therapy for years and probably will always continue to make it a part of my life. I consider it an experience in growth and it helps me stay on track. I do have family issues, I don't know many people who don't. My parents are both deceased and that is a huge void in my life and always will be. However, life goes on and I will always miss them. The flare-up I have going on is really a bad one this time. I think I am in touch with my issues. Do you know of anything that might help. How do you feel about diet, and nutrition on a spiritual level? Do you think this could have an effect on Fibromyalgia. When I get a flare-up the crying comes in a flood and then everything starts coming up for me, I usually work through that but I think you are right about the boundary thing. I consider myself a very strong person (so do other people). However, I sometimes get confused about boundaries. How do you make boundaries and not feel like you are selfish? Thanks again for your time.


Glad to hear that you place a high priority on therapy. It is extremely useful - and, even beyond therapy, which is important to have, is the knowledge of the way we create our own reality - which we each do from our own unique perceptions. So, although we all do have issues, depending on what perceptions we have chosen to have, that is what will determine how we create our reality. It sounds as if you have a lot of sadness to release, and the fibromyalgia is a vehicle that allows you to get to it. I believe that once we get to the core issues and release them - and it sounds as if you are in the process of feeling and releasing your sadness - that is one of the major healing factors.

As far as what other things will help, yes, there are many things that would help. I suggest that you get in touch with a well renowned naturopathic clinic called the North Carolina Health Center - people come there form all over the country, and they are a very, very high level healing clinic using the latest techniques, diet, homeopathy, and much much more. They deal with fibromyalgia and many other illnesses on a fully comprehensive basis. Their phone number is 828/684-5510. They also deal with checking out allergies, and as I asked my guidance for you, allergies showed up for you very strongly - often environmental allergies can cause these illnesses as well. I would highly suggest that you check them out.

As for the boundary issues - is it selfish to love yourself and do what is right for yourself? Does it serve others to allow them to power trip you or try to take over your space? Is that a good thing? It is a great teaching to learn to love oneself enough to be able to say " I take this stand for myself". If you had a child, and that child wanted to be destructive, say, destroy your furniture, would you say, "Oh, that's ok"? It's the same thing - by allowing that, that teaches others that it is ok to operate out of disrespect - and it tells them you disrespect yourself enough to allow it. Love has to start first at home - with oneself - if it isn't there, how can it spread out to others? So, by loving and respecting yourself, you are offering to others, as well as yourself, the role model that loving and respecting oneself is a precious and important thing. We can lovingly say to anyone: "This is what I choose to do for myself to keep myself healthy - and if there is something that is not good for me, including what you are doing, I will take care of myself in a loving way by saying no."

Best wishes, Ayal

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