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"People have been stealing money from my bank account. Right now, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?"

Dear Ayal,

First of all, thank you for all the help that you have given me and my daughter. I would like to ask you for help in resolving one of the issues I currently have. I recently became a victim of identity theft and people have been stealing money from my bank account. For the past couple of years, I have been living with a feeling of responsibility for everything that has been going on in my life. I have a full sense of understanding that everything that happens in my life is my own responsibility and it is ME who is responsible for everything that happens in my life. Right now, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, how I should change my thinking and what I am stealing from myself according to the law of the universe. I am trying to stay positive and strong, and tell myself that I will overcome this and everything will be okay. But the feelings of fear and powerlessness overwhelm me. I feel like I can't fix this and that scares me. It is like in my nightmares, where strangers burst easily into my home. I spend hours thinking about this situation in my head and it doesn't leave me alone. It causes me stress and panic. I understand that everything gets resolved not on the physical level, but on the higher level. That is why I am asking you for guidance and a path that I can follow in order to move away from this negative energy and resolve this issue. I am also thinking about changing my name. Thank you so much. Hope all is well.

Hi. Thanks for writing in. The issue behind this energy is what you expressed: deep fear, feeling helpless... What is needing to be addressed and explored is where you do not feel supported in your life - the sense that life does not support you... it is all about not trusting the process of life. When we don't trust the process of life, we stop the flow of positive energy due to our Fear, and we get off track, and living in fear keeps one stuck in that fear loop, drawing negative energy to us.

However, I think it's also very important to take a look at your self talk: you said that "I don't understand what I'm doing wrong".

Right there is where the support for you in your life is lacking... YOU are not doing it "wrong" - but if you think about yourself that way, that is a lack of YOU supporting YOU... do you see that? That is negative self talk, and it undermines rather than supports you. It is self criticism. Also, it carries a lot of fear and panic in it, like someone who is so afraid that they'll do it "wrong" that they are frantically trying to find a way out of it. Where did you get that belief that you do it wrong, and what do you think will happen to you if you do? Where did that deep fear come from? This is what you need to explore.

We don't do it wrong - we are just works of art in progress, learning and refining ourselves as we go. When we look at ourselves from this viewpoint, we offer ourselves love and support, kindness and wisdom. Then there is no fear, and no panic.

We end the feelings of powerlessness when we find that we can firmly and calmly and clearing speak up for ourselves, and stand up for ourselves. We learn to support and back ourselves up - we become our best friend and our best advocate - we value who we are, and we trust ourselves to go through life with clarity and integrity, and what is called "Inner Authority". So when we do speak our truth and stand up for ourselves, we do so in peace - we validate ourselves and know that it is fine to be experiencing what we are experiencing and learning from it, and we also know that if it's time to change the energy into something more refined, we can gracefully do that, too, because we are in harmony with the Stream of Spirit and Divine, positive, loving energy. We accept ourselves with Love, and each experience we go through we see as an opportunity for Grace to emerge - we see it as an opportunity to treat ourselves kindly and with deep respect. We see the epic journey we are on, and we honor our strength and courage and depth. We're not on a journey that has a specific end point - it is a continuous journey of experiencing and growing and refining and learning, like a tree growing new rings and branches.

When we are not afraid of Life in this way, we stay on track, and we can then calmly deal with what we need to. We can deal with Life AS IT IS, without fear, because we are connected in to Source, and we flow in the stream of that. We view ourselves in this Light, and when we do, we see that we are never "wrong".

When you no longer feel powerless, and you have transformed the fear, you will not attract to you situations where you feel others can take something away from you. Or, even is someone shows up in your Life who tries to use power over you inappropriately, you know how to deal with it effectively and with deep strength. This is a lot about moving beyond feeling like a victim and the fear that gets generated from being in that place. Your sense of safety in each moment must come from within yourself.

I invite you to use the following prayer: (3 times a day for the next 2 months, and then as needed).

If what I am experiencing no longer serves me, I ask Spirit to place Her Shield around me, and I release whatever it may be to the Light, allowing it to move along its Spiritual evolution. And so it is. Thank you.

Blessings, Ayal

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