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"The detox I'm doing to eliminate excess copper in my body is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm so tired."

In the last year I have suspected that I have high copper stores in my body, and that this may be something that has been contributing to my ongoing chronic fatigue syndrome and adrenal fatigue. Now I have been diagnosed with pyroluria, a condition where vitamin B6 and zinc are very much depleted in the body, which enables copper to increase. So my intuition was right.

Now I have begun treating the pyroluria and I just feel like I am in a hole that is never going to end. The symptoms of the copper leaving my body are really quite distressing at times. I am so up and down - one day seeing some new energy, the next day feeling awful. Before I had the pyroluria diagnosis and when I first suspected high copper was a problem, I began using a chelator. I was only able to get through a quarter of the bottle before needing to stop because the paranoia I was feeling and all of the other emotional symptoms made me really fear that if I kept going I would develop schizophrenia. Indeed, apparently 50% of schizophrenics tested have high copper levels, so my fears are perhaps not unfounded.

But I'm so tired. My health issues have been going chronically for 13 years. But even before that, I have always had problems with anxiety, with depression, with feeling a little out there, with attention. Now I have the pyroluria diagnosis it is all beginning to make sense.

I began my pyroluria treatment with my customary gusto, and have had to cut back on that as well because I was excreting too much copper for my poor old taxed kidneys and liver to handle. The copper is determining everything in how fast I go with this process. Once I have got the copper down to manageable levels, then I will be able to increase my doses of B6 and zinc. I am using some other things as well to aide the process - SAMe, N-acetyl cysteine, manganese, niacin, biotin, etc. I am seeing a naturopath and holistic doctor and we have done hair mineral analyses and so really and truly I should be feeling like finally after all this time I am getting somewhere.

I don't know. Perhaps it's a case of it being darkest before the dawn. All I know is dealing with this bloody copper is the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm tired. I just want some health. I want space to be able to be creative again, to meditate every day, to get back to a regular yoga practice, to not feel like a psycho everyday, so bipolar in my thinking.

Sorry for raving. I'm not sure what I'm here to ask you for. I just know you've helped me so much in the past. Thank you for that :)

Whenever one is going through an intense heavy metal detox, you do feel insane. I had to do it, and I used to DREAD having to take the medicine, because I felt absolutely insane. Finally, I asked the doctor and told him about this and he said, "Oh, yes. When heavy metals are detoxing form the brain, you feel crazy. (He had gone through it, as well.) When I was doing it, if I hadn't had Jesus, I would have killed myself."

Great, I thought. Why didn't anyone tell me about this BEFORE?? You do have to, therefore, go at a slow pace. There are other ways also to chelate that are a bit easier on the system - one of them is the foot bath form of detox called the EB 305 - or some similar model. It is very gentle, and it is what I found that seemed to save me and work best. Any greens such as chlorophyll drops also help take it out - and, I forget the name of one particular green, but it's the one people put into salsa. That's really good to help take it out. It sounds as if you are going to the right people to help you with this. All you can do is keep on trucking with it. But, it does help to find ways that are as effective but not as harsh on oneself.

What is behind your difficulties seems to be a huge amount of fear. When one is in fae and feels as if one has to fight against life all the time, one does feel extremely tired. It's fight or flight – being in survival mode on constant alert – adrenal drain and toxic thinking and feeling patterns. The decode for heavy metal poisoning is called "FEAR OF THE BELOVED", AND THIS MEANS FEAR OF GOD – not trusting the process and flow of life. If we don't trust our source and where our health comes from, and what we come form, and what we are made of – what we ARE, in essence, how can we be healthy? We apre putting poisons then into our own bodies – it's self sabotage.

So, the lesson here is to move from fear to faith – from fear to trust, from fear to gratitude and love.

This means, when you love yourself and what you ARE, you take good care of yourself – what you eat, your thoughts, etc. You create a loving lifestyle and way of being for yourself. You feel SAFE in the cradle of the Universe from which you came and which you are an integral part of. You feel beloved, and you give love back to the Beloved.

Hope this helps.

Blessings, Ayal

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