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"I must be meant to learn something from this repeating situation... I just can't seem to figure out what it is!"

I am working on a project/blog called My Consciousness Project. Basically I have a list of 100 ways to raise consciousness, and I am trying each one out for a week and then writing about my experience. This week's topic is "See Perceived Faults In Others as A Mirror Image." I came across your website doing some research on this. Anyway, my question for you is that over the last few years, and most recently yesterday, I have found myself in the middle of a gossip situation gone awry. To be honest, up until this most recent one, I have been guilty of doing some of the gossiping myself, but this time I was totally innocent yet found myself in the middle of it anyway. And even though I realize that I was somehow creating this reality, I can't seem to figure out what belief I have in myself that I need to clear. What is it within me that keeps me creating this same situation again and again? The same people are always involved so I must be meant to learn something from them... I just can't seem to figure out what it is. I'm really hoping you can shed some light on this for me - not only for my project, but so that it won't happen anymore!

What I am getting for you is this: gossiping is a distortion of the Feminine energy. It usually comes from anger, or fear. For you, I am getting that it comes from anger. I am also getting that your anger - and disgust - have to do with your mother. When there is a distortion in the Feminine energy - the Cosmic Yin energy - it can often be traced back to the Mother, or the Mother principle.

Good, noble, clear, healthy Mother energy, as an archetype, is used to nurture, to teach, to provide wisdom. Gossiping is the opposite energy of this. It is destructive, and definitely does not provide any wisdom.

If you experienced and are therefore carrying around within you distorted Mother energy, or you came in with it this lifetime, that needs to be corrected.

One good healing method to help do this is called Body Talk. I invite you to look it up online and see if you can find a practitioner near you. My suggestion is to clear and release the karma/imprinting you are carrying around regarding this.

Even if we just witness something - if it is part of our reality, we are also responsible for creating it. So, yes, you are responsible for any gossiping you are a part of, in whatever way. Gossiping by its very nature, because it is a distortion, will backfire on you, as it does not come from love.

Blessings, Ayal

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