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"Are people able to receive my thoughts and info I am sending out by telepathy?"

I have several questions about telepathy... Does telepathy mean others get a clear transmission of my thoughts about my self, if so how do they interpret this - do they download it as part of their reality or as mine?

Also, with accumulating knowledge on raising planet consciousness since my awakening, I am wondering if this is also sent through the ether to others through my thoughts and so this raises the general vibration and consciousness? But wouldn't other persons have to have the telepathic gift open to them in order to receive the info I am sending out? How do others read the print out in my energy field if they have no knowledge of such in their stage of evolution, yet still they manage to reflect back my thoughts to me!?

Can higher frequencies readily read lower frequencies and so match it them exactly? If someone is reading my thoughts without having my awareness, beliefs, knowledge or experience, how does this make sense? All the general advice and mentoring you can give is greatly appreciated.


Well, we are all telepathic - life is inter-connected and All comes from the same source. I don't know if you have ever seen the wonderful teaching picture from the Hindu system, where everything has the face of Krishna ( God/Source) in its heart - and the teaching is:

"See God in everything"
There are, of course, various to the nth degree levels of how deeply and profoundly individuals have developed, worked with, and have opened and extended their connected/telepathic abilities - but because we are all One ( which is the Ultimate teaching - the Alpha and the Omega ), and this teaching is where compassion and love and understanding spring from - we can all sense one another and pick up on vibrations. Even a cockroach can feel you coming into its space and scurries away, true? And we all feel it when someone across the room is looking at us, true??

Life is responsive to life - every creature has its own ways of sensing life - skin, hair, tentacles, antennae, hearing, touching - you name it - we connect to Life in a million different ways. We are Life Sensors, all of us, in fact. (I invite you to check out Michael Cohen's wonderful work with this - his book Reconnecting With Nature is fabulous, and talks exactly about all of this, plus giving you wonderful exercises to have fun with to develop your connectedness).

Even the US army has done experiments regarding this concept of inter connectedness - they took a person's DNA and put it across the room from the person, and then, monitoring both, they subjected that person to various emotional stimuli, and their DNA responded exactly the same as the person was responding - and so they moved the DNA to another room, and the same thing happened. They finally had it 500 miles away, and apparently there was NO limit to the connection. Pretty goose bump raising, amazing, isn't it?

Our fears and traumas and dysfunctions can block this connectedness and leave us feeling isolated, but the ability and truth of the Oneness is still there. Below I have included some info on that that you might appreciate and gain some more understanding from. All good questions. However, what I also sense from your questions may be a concern with being exposed or revealed....perhaps not, but if so, this is a good place to start doing some personal work to see where that comes from, and what the attendant emotion with it is.

People pick up on frequencies, like listening to a radio station - again - it just depends how "tuned in" literally, a person is, how clearly they receive vibrational information. I can always tell how someone is feeling, as I am very tuned in to that - I may not have the exact words or thoughts, but I know what the emotional content is. Most of us know this - that's why we say: "Are you sad/angry/scared?" etc. We "feel" the energy. People who live together a long time usually end up saying things or thinking things at the same time ... my husband and I do this all the time. He will answer a thought I just thought in my mind before I speak it, and he always laughs and says: "I heard you." Women who live together end up menstruating at the same time - they get in sync... I could go on an on.

What we think and feel IS sent out through the ether/airwaves just like a radio station, and others do pick up on it to varying degrees. Whatever we are thinking and feeling does go into the collective energy soup, and that is why one of the simplest but most profound teachings of all time is "Be Positive." We are responsible for what we broadcast.

Even when we think we are broadcasting one thing, however, if there are underlying layers or currents going on, perhaps unconsciously, that too, is felt. In that sense we are all living in glass houses.

So, the challenge is on 2 main fronts: one is to get beyond ego fears of vulnerability, and to know that true strength is the ability to look at ourselves objectively and to clear up whatever it is that is smudged. When we face and recognize, claim and honor our own issues, then there's no reason or need to feel vulnerable, because we already know it and aren't protecting or hiding anything - we're out in the open feeling clear and strong and understanding that this is what we're here to do and what we're all about - taking responsibility, with Love and compassion, to become the clearest beings we can be. When we love and honor ourselves in this way, without judging ourselves - just recognizing that this is the soul's journey for all of us - then we don't have to hide anything or worry about judgments from others - we have passed beyond judgment and beyond, therefore, drawing it to us, or believing in it.

The second front is, as mentioned earlier, to "Be positive" and take responsibility for what we then add to the collective whole.

So, below you will find the information I mentioned earlier. Thanks for writing in!

Blessings, Ayal

Ever felt that you are alone and separate from others or from the rest of Life, at times? Well... read on...

Advaita is the teaching of nonduality, which has become best known in the West through the nondual spiritual teachings of the revered Indian saint, Ramana Maharshi. He taught that self-realization, or the realization of the oneness of who we are, is not some distant goal that only a few can attain. The Self is that which is always and already present, that which doesn't come and go. The love, peace, and happiness we have all been seeking is already here and is, in fact, who we are. Through simple self-inquiry, we can awaken from the dream of a separate self to the reality of Oneness, to the spiritual truth of who we are as nondual consciousness.

What is Advaita, or nonduality? It means nondual or "not two." This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one nondual consciousness. Often the question arises, "If it is all one thing, why don't I experience it that way?" This is confusing oneness for the appearance of sameness. Things can appear different without being separate. Just look at your hand for a moment. Your fingers are all different from each other, but are they separate? They all arise from the same hand. Similarly, the objects, animals, plants and people in the world are all definitely different in their appearance and functioning. But they are all connected at their source--they come from the same source. This one Being that is behind all life has an infinite number of different expressions that we experience as different objects.

To continue with the hand analogy, your fingers are all made of the same substance. They are made up of similar tissues, cells, atoms, and at the deepest level, subatomic particles. Similarly, when your experience of reality becomes more subtle, you discover that everything is just different expressions of one field of nondual Being.

But what about your experience right now? Is it possible to realize this subtle oneness or nonduality in ordinary experience? It is, if you set aside the expectation of a dramatic awakening to the experience of oneness and explore the nondual nature of reality a little bit at a time. Just as even a single drop of water is wet, you can experience oneness in even simple everyday experiences, since oneness is a fundamental quality of everything that exists.

As an experiment, just notice your fingers and the palm of your hand. Can you say where one starts and the other ends, or are they one thing? To take this further, where does your hand stop and your forearm begin? Can you experience the oneness of your hand and your forearm? If these are not separate, then what about other parts of your body? Are your feet and your ears really one even though they are so different? Now notice if there really is a separation between your thoughts and your head. Where does your head stop and something else called thought begin? What about feelings or desires? Are they really separate from you or your body?

Now, notice the simple sensations you are having: the sounds you are hearing, the sensations of touch, and the objects and events you are seeing. If you are seeing something, where does the seeing stop and something else called the eye begin? If you are hearing sounds, where does the sound start and the ear stop? Perhaps the hearing, the sound, and your ear are all one thing. Yes, the ear is different from the sound, but in the act of hearing, they become one thing.

Then, where does the source of the sound stop and the sound itself start? For example, if a bird is singing outside your window, where does the bird stop and the sound of its song begin? Or are they one thing? If the bird and its song are one thing, and your hearing and the song are one thing, then is it possible that you and the bird are also one thing?

Nondual consciousness is the natural state.
The Advaita truth of nondual consciousness, or oneness of Being, has often been thought of as something hidden or difficult to experience, when it is quite ordinary and available in every moment. Nondual consciousness is the natural state. Of course, a dramatic experience of oneness is a rare event. But why wait for something so rare when this sweet and satisfying oneness is right here, right now?

One other thought to add to this: Gregg Braden does a wonderful workshop about all of this – in it, he mentions the other experiment the army did, and what they did was to create a vacuum where the only thing contained in the vacuum were free floating neutrons and protons, etc – the stuff of life, but in no form or pattern. When they inserted some DNA into the vacuum, the protons and neutrons formed themselves into a wave pattern. What they understood this to mean is that there is an inherent omniscient intelligence that responds to our thoughts (DNA carries thought patterns – that's what DNA actually is) and creates itself into form according to those thought patterns. (Again – how we create our own reality). This intelligence runs through all things, is found everywhere – is infinite – and is completely responsive to frequencies.

So – there it is again......we are all made of that intelligence, and so we are all responsive in that same way.

You know the expression: "God knows even when a sparrow falls"?

Well, that's because God IS the sparrow, and is sensing itself, just in that form.

All pretty fabulous!

Blessings! Ayal

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