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"My problem is I do not have any motivation to work toward my goals"

I am at a crossroads. I am very busy with taking care of my daughter with special needs, my son and husband. However, I am still trying to work to help others in exchange for money. I want to use the Laws of the Universe but do not totally understand how to implement them for life/business just yet.

I know to envision my end goal and "feel" it but my problem is I do not have any motivation to work. I feel like I need about 5 other me's. So no money is coming in. If I try and be happy about my work and send that energy out I get clients. However, I'm too exhausted to work with them.

I am at a point of receiving from spirit to stop doing what's not working. I've been given a vision to stay within my work but in the form of research/writing where I am not interacting with clients. How do I "know" this is correct enough to just trust and surrender?

Business seems to be so much more than just passion/purpose (plus the laws. Is there an easy way to understand what to do other than envision your end goal, feel it, release it.

Is life (as a mirror) really as simple as just getting happy - seeing the desired goal - and letting it come to fruition?

I guess you can let me know what you are getting on me overall...


Thanks for writing in. It is always good when we can trust to reach out to someone for help and understanding, as that verifies that we have that trust within ourselves. And this is one of the key issues for you this time around.

I want to speak with you about the exhausted place you are in and feeling first. When we feel so exhausted due to putting out so much to others, that is, of course, a red flag that something major is unbalanced in us as an old belief system. What it says is that no energy comes back to us – that we are only worth anything – that we will only be loved, if we "do" for others – but we are not loved for just being who we are. Because we believe that we are not lovable, we try to gain that love by being indispensable and giving giving giving. But we are actually giving to get - to try to get that love back. Since the underlying premise and energy operating however is the strong belief that we will not get, that we do not deserve to be loved, since, as you know, life mirrors our beliefs, that is what continues to happen and loop around for us in our lives. Then we feel victimized and powerless and sucked dry, diminished, etc.

What is showing up for you as an early, core belief is that you felt unwelcome as a child – that you were a burden and in the way. This seems to have come from the family friction and arguments that were present in your family of origin. When a child feels like a burden, and there is this kind of energy accosting them and all around them, then they decide that life itself is a burden – they live with this sense of "burden" constantly present in them – and this, of course, creates life feeling like a burden and being a burden – it brings that to you in many ways as an external mirror of this internal energy.

There is no joy in living from that belief... and when there is no joy, life is hard, and one can not take in good energy or happiness or live from an inner place of joy or happiness – the belief is that that simply doesn't exist. So, yes, life is as simple, once one clears this pattern of energy, as living from that place of knowing you ARE love, are loved, and that joy and happiness is what the Universe is made of. So - it isn't just seeing the desired goal, but knowing you yourself ARE that goal – YOU are Love, and loved, and when you radiate this, this is what life is then made of for you.

The second thing showing up is because you felt unwanted and unwelcome as a child, you have a belief that you are basically the dumping ground of the Universe – that you are the one who deserves crap – you are the one to whom people go to, to release their crap on you. That life itself dumps on you. So, of course, who would want to go out into the world and work with others or enjoy their "job," when this is what would be happening and created for them all the time? Pretty exhausting, I would say.

It's fine to trust that you want to do writing and research if that is what you love and what calls to you – but that's the sticking point. If you still carry around these beliefs, then you are still being motivated by them, and they will continue to attract that energy. You can do whatever it is that calls to you, but clear this energy first so that whatever you are doing is coming from that free, clear and wonderful place of knowing that you are deeply loved by the Universe itself, that you ARE love, that you ARE welcome. Then you can receive (it will be mirrored back to you as you own it inside yourself) good and fulfilling energy. Also, when you release this issue of believing that you are the dumping ground, you can then release what you no longer need in life – you don't have to accept the crap or attract it. You yourself won't be coming from a crappy place, so to speak.

Because of these wounds and beliefs, what happened for you to go along with all of this, was that, besides never receiving good energy or believing that you too could have it, was that your being went into resistance and tension. If all you expect to receive is crap, that is understandable. But what it does is create within a person a hardened, narrow minded kind of mentality – when we don't believe that we deserve good, we shut down, get hardened and protective, and we wall ourselves off to protect ourselves. We refuse to see good, and so of course no good can penetrate that.

So, your challenge and life lesson here is to live from this place and be this energy:

I am completely open to life and to joy. I choose to see with love. I am wanted and welcomed and deeply loved, and I can release that which I no longer need.

I invite you to work with these old and painful beliefs, as they do not serve you. Spend some time also bringing in and feeling the energy of what it is like to live from and have this new energy. Feel it in your body, breathe it in with every delicious breath, and anchor it in. Think of life like how it feels to be at the ocean and breathing in that wonderful sea air. That is what life is.

I would invite you to do this technique 5 times in the next 2 weeks, and then as you feel you need to, to continue peeling off the underlying layers. Go deep with it, and you will find some wonderful healing and shifts in energy taking place.

Sending blessings, Ayal

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