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"Since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I lack energy and desire to enjoy life"

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia more than 10 years ago after I fell down a short flight of stairs. I have tried several different methods to alleviate the symptoms (muscle pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, IBS...) but nothing has helped for longer than 2 months or so. I can tolerate the pain now, but mostly, it is the lack of energy and desire to enjoy life and the company of others that causes me to feel like I am sitting on the sidelines watching others 'live'. There have been times when I felt pretty good but then I would slide down the hill again and have to start over. I have not felt like my 'old self' for quite a long time. I know that change is growth but I can't see how this change is helping me - yet. I am very interested in your insights as to what could be affecting/causing my condition and any treatment you and your Higher Self might suggest. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


The first thing that is showing up for you is the issue of being, or feeling, like "a dumping ground". And the next thing that is showing up to go along with this is feeling unloved, having an energy of criticism and resentment within you.

This seems, physically, to be tied into your reproductive system – so one thing I would invite you to do is check in with that area, and see if you have stored these issues or energy there. Just be present with it, and see if you are ready to let it go. One of the ways you can tune into this is to sit quietly in meditation, place your hands lovingly on your ovaries, and ask to see and understand what is going on there. Lovingly send this area of your being Light and Love – golden light is always a wonderful healing, and I would invite you to say, with feeling and conviction, from your heart:

I easily and comfortably release that which I no longer need in life. I am Love. I now choose to love and approve of myself. I see others with Love.

There is a need for you to go out in life and feel both spontaneous and stimulated – this is, of course, the opposite energy of pain and fatigue. However, when you release these energies mentioned above, you will have much more energy at your command to play in life with. It takes a lot of energy to feel resentful and to be full of criticism and negative thought patterns toward others, to carry around and continue to operate with the burden and pain of taking on crap – being a dumping ground – and there is absolutely no reason why you should be one. Can you think of a reason why it's a good idea to be a dumping ground? Or to dump on others and make them into one?

How much joy do you allow yourself to have? We must have luminous immune systems, and the way to have that is to be in joy – to feel joy, to live life with joy, with trust and delight and gratitude. The Universe is always reaching out its arms and saying YES! To Life. If you feel like a garbage can, this is hard to do, yes?

It is time to stop being wistful and looking out at the life everyone else has and create one for yourself! It is all about PERCEPTION - we are what we think and feel – that is what creates us. So, no one can change the way you think and feel, but YOU. If you weren't going around being a garbage can, what would you choose to be? Have fun with that image, and let yourself create whatever it is you really desire to be ....feel what it feels like to be this new thing – you already know what it feels like to be a garbage can – so, time to move on to something else! Garbage can incarnation is over! What do you want to be?

Feeling and absolutely reveling in it is the key. Can you revel? Want to start?

You are needing to get in touch with and Trust Your Source – Spirit or Divine Intelligence didn't create you to be a dumping ground – so, it would be good to find out just who you really are, and how much you are loved by the Universe. Do you think God/Creator etc. designed you to be a garbage can?

Get in touch with what you Love – is it a sunset or sunrise? The way a flower opens to the morning light? A walk on the beach? The smile of a child? Focus on these things and allow that to bring you into your Heart. THAT is where you find God/Source/Happiness/Health/Energy. Love is an infinite and abundant energy – it powers the entire Universe, so I would think it can power you, since you are made of the stardust and spirit of all that is – did you know that you are actually Spirit having a human experience? So, if you are this infinite, divine, glorious being, why waste time standing around being a tin can? You can be and have and do whatever you want! BUT – you have to be willing to let go of the old to embrace a new possibility. Like the caterpillar turning into the butterfly – we see it happening all the time. Fuzzy and on the ground is cute, but flying is pretty damn wonderful.

So, that's it. The only other thing that I am being told to tell you is that it would be good for you to work with your Archetypal Chart. Very powerful and insightful information about your life's energies and how to work with them. I don't usually offer my own services in this site as a healer unless I am told to do so – but this showed up for you, and I can make you your Archetypal chart to help you with this healing, if you so choose. (The cost is $85 plus shipping. That depends on where you live. In the US it would probably come to about an extra $5 or so.)

Blessings, Ayal

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