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"What is the real energetic cause of the neck pains I have been experiencing?"

I have been experiencing a problem with my neck over the past 2-3 months and I'm wanting to know the underlying energetic situation. Seems to be a problem with my C1 vertibrae which is causing headaches, fatigue and various aches and pains around my back and shoulders. I experience M.E./CFS also, but this is not the usual symptoms I get from that. Can you please share your insights on this?


Hi - the pain in your neck has to do with issues on both the mental and spiritual planes. It comes from an issue of Defeatism... Not caring for the Self, and Anxiety due to that.

When we believe that we are unwanted, or a burden of some sort, a "pain in the neck" - this issue can go so deep as to have us believe that we shouldn't even exist - that we are not worth existing. We feel, in other words, defeated. And when we believe that, somewhere deep down, what happens is that we don't really, in the truest sense, take care of ourselves.... because we don't believe we deserve it. We can more or less, in various ways, sabotage our health and well being. This can sometimes show up as a lack of discipline regarding our health, what we eat, how we exercise, and how we think about ourselves.

This can be a terrifying abyss for a person, to feel they shouldn't exist, and consequently a lot of one's energy and time goes into a deep, underlying, and fairly constant fear and worry that one isn't ok, because that is the underlying belief - that there is something inherently 'wrong' with oneself. This, as I mentioned, can manifest as ill health, or worries over one's health, physical problems, or relationship problems, career problems, finances, etc., that one then worries about.

Because this belief usually derives from feeling unwanted by someone close to us, who is supposed to love and value us, and because one doesn't believe one is a capable or worthwhile or competent being who can take care of oneself, a person then looks to another to validate and take care of them, and love them, instead of valuing and taking care of oneself.

Our job is to fill ourself up with peace and calm and love and that sense of self worth. But usually, when one has this belief, one doesn't know how to do that because one has always looked to another, outside of oneself for it. It can even go so far, in some situations, as to accepting an abusive relationship or situation and feeling trapped in it, yet still looking to that abusive person to love one – to be dependent upon the abuser for love. What of this applies to you is for you to check out. Some of it may, and some of it may not, but this energy can create situations like that in some cases. A deep form of dependency on another. But it is the belief that one carries about one's self worth, or lack of it, the belief that "I am inherently wrong", that then draws unhealthy or abusive or painful situations, within oneself, or in external situations.

So, the intention to speak for a shift in your energy is this:

I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself.

Caring for oneself in this case doesn't mean being able to fix what's "wrong". It means knowing that there is absolutely nothing "wrong" about you – the opposite, in fact... that all is right and wonderful and beautiful about you, with you, within you. Feeling THAT, and living in the glow of that energy and those thoughts and feelings and sensations.

I invite you to sit in meditation, or even just briefly close your eyes for a few moments when this feeling comes over you – if you feel anxious relating to another, or if you are interpreting what someone says from that place of "I've done it wrong" or I'm not good enough" ...or trying to please another. When you realize that you have left your own body and are anxiously reaching out to the energy of another... Whenever you find those thoughts and feelings coming up, a good visualization to do is see yourself surrounded in a bubble of glowing, radiant energy, like sunlight all around you. That golden energy is the essence of Love and Light and Well Being, and all that you love or that feels good to you... (for me, it's often the feeling I get when I walk along the seashore, and everything feels so beautiful and in harmony and so full of life)... and then breathe that energy into yourself – let it simply flow into you and fill you up, so that you ARE made up of that energy – it is what you know you are. And you can silently proclaim:


You may find also, that these issues of not feeling good enough, of not feeling wanted, of anxiety, even sometimes terror, in deep fear, worry, etc., begin to flush out of you, as you become more aware of them having been stored in your body, and as you shift it into a clearer sense of who you really are. If that happens, it's a natural part of the process. However, it can be very intense as it releases and passes through, and if you find yourself in this sort of a deep, purging process, it's helpful to have someone to be supportive and talk with you about it ...a therapist or good counselor, etc... as the need arises. Helps to diffuse the intensity of it.

It's an important and essential journey, to move from the lack of self worth into self love. It is probably "THE" JOURNEY. The one we came here to make.


Blessings, Ayal

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