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"I really want to be in alignment with my Higher Self"

I have so many interests that I struggle with what my soul's purpose is. I really want to be in alignment with my Higher Self. Can you give me any insight as to what I am to be doing during this lifetime?


This is the information from The Angelic Messenger card book I was told to give you:

ACKNOWLEDGMENT : Accepting your essential self as the key to discovering or expanding your life mission.

This comes as a way to encourage you in your search for a way to give your life more specific form and/or attract the people and opportunities that are essential for you to expand and deepen your means of service to humanity and to the Earth.

By believing in yourself, the Universe, and your mission, you can move into a period of manifestation of the specifics you've been searching for: people, job opportunities, and/or financial backing. Even though you may have reservations about your abilities, or are vague about the specifics of your mission, you are nevertheless being directed to pursue your purpose actively.

You are not alone! How often it must seem that you are isolated from love and from the confidence t know with certainty that you are living according to the purpose for which you incarnated. The struggle, however, is only rational, because many opportunities will come your way in this life, and you will know inside your heart when the right ones are presented to you. Your essential self, your inner wisdom, is the energy that guides you toward and into your purpose. Your ego asserts what you need to do to please others or to fill feelings of lack or failure. We, your angelic teachers, expect nothing of you save that you listen to your heart and accept each day as a call to use compassion in your thinking about yourself and others.

You may often wonder if the chance to join a certain group or travel to a certain spiritual place will help you find your work. The more you surround yourself with people who also acknowledge a responsibility to awaken the spiritual impulses on the Earth, the more love and positive energy will surround you. When you listen to your heart and respond from this place to take up certain work, it is more apt to be fulfilling.

In your relationships with others, as you and they seek to live in purpose with the Universe's will, try and be mindful that you and they are being challenged maximally to live above and beyond the pull of your egos. Your friends are also filled with uncertainty and are also seeking the deep conviction that they are doing the Universe's work. Be gentle in your instructions. You are not measuring your value or worth against their accomplishments, for you and they are entirely different. When you want guidance, listen to your heart. Ask, and you most surely will be shown many ways you can be useful.

You are being alerted to further the opportunities to further your work because your love and determination to be of service are essential to support the Earth in these times if multi-layered change and uncertainty. The Universe assists change as the inevitable and eternal process of living purposefully on the Earth, and you are merging your abilities with your spiritual assurance from us. You are moving into the light of acknowledgment, accepting that you are held eternally in divine love.

The more readily you accept your own perceptions and guidance, the more you expand the basis for your life work and service. Accept that loving energy comes from the Universe through you and into the world. Be aware of not being too easily seduced by the apparent "rightness" of rational choices coming from the intellect, for then you may be missing the benefits from choices made at the perceptual level. You may already have, or are developing, a healthy respect for the necessity of balance between your mind's activity and your heart's perceptions. Realize that while this balance is important, you are well served to allow your spirit to initiate your plans or directives although permitting your mind to implement them.

Remind yourself that when you arise in the morning and smile at the day, you are acknowledging your purpose. When you make breakfast and pet the cat, you are acknowledging your purpose. When you get into your care and drive to work, you are also able to move in alignment with your inner impulses, your essential self. When you feel angry, upset, frustrated diminished, or in any way out of balance, it isn't necessarily "the work" that is wrong, only that momentarily you have ceased acknowledging your essential self. Accept that sometimes you will inevitably be pulled away from inner balance, and when this happens, take a breath, look out the window, walk around your office, or smile. In this way your inner nature is again given preference to lead you fully into your purpose.

It would be good for you to order and use an Aura Soma essence – the #49 turquoise and violet essence, called "The New Messenger". This essence deals with someone with hidden healing qualities which are shared with love from the heart. They express peace and harmony through which they bring joy and happiness to others. Sensitivity in communications. This essence may be helpful when there re difficulties in communication. Where creativity has been stifled. (You might look into these issues in meditation in order to heal and transform the origins and energy of this issue). There is a need to heal the heart to find love. A letting go of guilt to help when one has lost one's way upon the path.

You can order this essence by looking up Aura Soma online.

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