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"Is it necessary to give a tithe to those who satisfy our spiritual needs?"

I hope that since I paid you $80.00 before you will not require payment for this. The question is, is it true that it is good to give 10% of our incomes/earnings to the person who satisfies our feeds us spiritually? And is it true that if we don't do that we have it taken from us involuntarily by the doctor, the lawyer, etc. Let me have your take on this. I believe in giving and sharing despite asking this.


I will answer your question, but in the future, since you gave me that donation willingly, without strings attached, it's more fair and honest of you not to ask me now to be in your debt because you gave something freely and willingly before. If you do that, then it's not a gift. It's an "I gave you something, now you better give something back." That feels more like a form of guilt or blackmail. If you give, you need to give without strings attached. You gave before, I assumed, because you wanted to, not because then you'd have an "edge over me" that you could lean on or manipulate me with. Do you see the difference? The way of giving freely feels clean, and the other way feels unclean. This is appropriate that this has happened, however, and timely for you, because your question deals with this same issue of giving freely, without fears attached, manipulations, or guilt, or hope, or desire.

When you give, you must give because you want to, not because there are strings attached that then you can pull. You give because it fills up your heart to do so, and you feel great in soul and heart to do so. If it doesn't feel good, and you give, it's not really giving - you're doing it because you're afraid that if you don't something bad will happen to you, or that then you'll get something back in return.

I think it's great to tithe if you want to and it feels great to you - if it feeds your spirit. But only if you can give and then let go. Have you heard the expression "Let go and Let God?" That applies to every action in life we take or make. You do something, anything, from the best place within you that you have to call upon at the moment - whether that place at the time is clear or unclear, functional or dysfunctional - and you trust that you are doing the best you can at that moment with the experience and life tools you have at hand, with where you're at in your growth and development.

That doesn't mean that 10 years later, or even the next week, you'd do it the same way, because by then, hopefully, you will have grown and changed and learned more. But at that moment, you do the best you can with the wisdom and knowledge you have from your experience. Then, you let it go. You trust the process of life. You trust that in the scheme of things, in everyone's evolution and journey, it's all happening as it needs to at that moment. When you do it from as good a place as you can, then you can let go of it, and let whatever actions got set in motion flow organically.

That doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of room to grow and change and do things even better or clearer in the future. It just means that you trust The Universe/God/Spirit to flow things as they need to be, and you allow yourself to feel and be safe in that moment. This is all about being safe for you, as your other letter was about being safe. You are asking, as I interpret it, how best to do this, and it is great that you are asking and exploring and wanting to learn this. The answer is, live from a compassionate, clear heart. And the inner work to do in this life is to continue to learn and explore how to do that. You can only be responsible for your own actions, and then life will take you where you need to go.

If you tithe with a grudge or with fear, then my suggestion is, it's not really giving, so don't do it. Give when you really want to, freely, happily, without fear or worry, just because it feels great to give ...that's when you tithe. And then you let it go and don't even think about it. Just enjoy your own good feelings that you have generated within yourself. Enjoy that you are connected to life from a place of love. LOVE BEGETS LOVE. That is what you trust. You don't have to push it or try to buy your way into it.

To worry about whether or not God will punish you or reward you is to live in fear and in chains. That isn't living freely from the love of the heart. And that love is what needs to motivate and inspire your choices and your actions. When you come from that place, everything flows as it is meant to, because what you have acted from and set in motion is in harmony with the energy and the Laws of the Universe.

So when and if you decide you want to tithe, that it feels good to you to do so, with no fears or expectations of reward or punishment - you just give to give, out of love and compassion - God isn't out to punish you - Whatever energy YOU put out is what comes back to you - so if you're giving with an agenda, or mixed motives, the unclarity of that energy will come back to you. It is our own choices of what energy we live from that we then see operating in our external world. It's the boomerang law of the Universe. You get what you put out.

The Universe is like a gigantic mirror that can only give you back yourself, your same vibration - it's like standing in front of a Cosmic, galactic mirror - it simply mirrors your energy for you, and that shows you where you are at in your own evolution and journey. Then you can decide if you like what you see, and if you don't, you can change it. So, if you give freely, just out of compassion, from your heart, what happens is that you have created space in your soul to be loving - it is a clear and beautiful vibration, and your life then flows with that energy - and it feels great.

Blessings, Ayal

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