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"Is it ok to cast a spell against someone who deserves it? If not, why not?"

Hi Ayal,

I wanted to cast a spell on some people who stole my things. When I asked my spiritual friend she told me that they had cast spells on themselves already by stealing, so I didn't have to cast spells on them. I told her that I was not asking her for her advice so that I could use it but so that I could listen to her opinion. So I told her that they had to pay for their deeds and indeed that was in order with the universe for them to take responsibility for their actions. So to the story...

I sent some official documents to my girlfriend who lives in the countryside some 350km away. The courier company which normally make the deliveries normally pack the contents in a plastic flyer and then seal it in a way that if one wants to open it, then it has to be torn. The staff of the courier company also do not inspect the contents being sent, they just pack them in their flier then seal it. So if you send money(or any other thing) they won't know because they don't inspect. They clearly state that cash should not be transported through their service but on the other hand they can't know if it has been sent. I have been sending money to my girlfriend through this method for years but the last time I sent her documents and money, she received the flyer ok but when she opened it she told me that the envelopes had been torn as I had sealed them with glue. She got the documents but not the money ($7.00) which she was to use to send the documents back to me. I called the courier company and told them that my goods had been tampered with and that medicine and a book had been stolen. They are doing investigations and they are supposed to give me a report next week. I am sure it will just be a report, I can't get the money and even if it is goods which could have been stolen they do not accept liability and it's quite legal. I didn't want to buy and cast a spell before hearing from them (the courier company) but when they tell me what I don't want to hear, will I be justified to cast the spell. I also do not know who the thief is in the whole chain of delivery. So is it ok to cast a spell? If not, why? And if I insist and proceed and cast the spell, what are the likely consequences to me, even though the consequences should be to him/her (the thief)? If the right choice is not to cast the spell, what are the reasons for that?

The other case involves my mobile phone. I was at my favourite cyber cafe last Saturday. I wanted to browse the internet, as well as download pictures from my digital camera to develop. I downloaded the pictures to the cyber cafe's computer hard drive and after that I logged off. I knew that I was to take my phone after removing the camera from the computer. But I remembered that I had forgotten to copy the photos to my flash drive. I logged on again, copied the pictures and in the process I forgot about the mobile phone. I remembered my phone after I finished developing the pictures. When I returned to the cyber cafe the phone was not there. When the cyber cafe assistant tried to call my number, it was off. What do I do to this second culprit? Unfortunately, the previous day I had attended a meeting where I made new friends and I saved their numbers on my phone which got lost - but now if they never take the initiative to call me then I may never get in touch with them again! Some of the photos I was developing were theirs and I was to call them to get their addresses to which I could send the photos to. What says you? Buy and cast the spells or not? And whatever the case, why?


Hi, and thank you for your support and generous donations. That was much appreciated.

OK. First of all, no, I do not believe that it is EVER appropriate to cast a spell. Why? Because we are not God in the sense that we are not given the job of handing out justice. We, in this human body, have usually a very small vision of the whole picture. What we may consider "wrong" or bad, that someone else does, may be exactly what is supposed to happen in order for something else to grow and transform from that. It may only be a piece of the whole process for growth and change that may be needed in order for something else to happen. So, if you want to punish someone for that, then what you are really saying is that you don't trust the process of life as it is – you can't see the forest for the trees, sort of thing. You are focusing in on one, narrow incident and not seeing the bigger picture, getting all riled up and angry and vengeful about it, feeling victimized and abused, and then wanting to hurt someone. That is not appropriate – ever. We can feel what we feel, and work through those feelings, but in an appropriate manner that does not harm anyone else. And this is what I invite you to learn to do.

There are laws that we all agree to live by, and when those laws are broken, on the human, societal level, then there are consequences, and there are institutions set up to deal with that. However, the Universe, God, Great Creator, whatever name you want to give it, has the bigger picture in mind and knows what is going on. People reap their own karma and consequences. You can file a lawsuit, on the human, physical level, when you feel that there has been a miscarriage of justice, but putting a spell on someone is vengeance. Vengeance is a very negative, unhealthy, destructive, low energy, and then YOU will reap the bad consequences and karma for that. Remember, whatever you do to someone else, or something else, comes back to you.

There are two big question for you to ask:

  1. Why do I feel a need to punish others? Where does that come from?


  2. What is it in my energy field, within me, that is attracting these negative situations to happen to me?
YOU are the one creating these situations, from some pattern that is going on inside of you, and yet you want to punish others for it. That is not taking responsibility for your own attitudes, thoughts, patterns, or behaviors. So, the question to ask is,
"What is stopping ME from taking responsibility for what is happening in my life? What do I need to see within myself that will help me not create situations where I feel betrayed or victimized?"
Play with these questions in yourself – be honest with yourself – and bring the focus back to yourself, and you will have some good transformations happen for you in your life.

The thought, for me, of someone selling spells to cause other people misery tastes foul to me, frankly. That is like someone going to buy a gun, or selling a gun, because you don't like the way someone looks, or has acted, and you decide to shoot them. It's the same thing. With a spell, the intention is to violate someone else, to send out destructive energy, like a bullet, and act upon their life without their permission, to harm them in some way, or manipulate them in some way – WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. That is a spiritual violation. Your ONLY job is to make your own actions and behaviors clean and clear and honest, and of a strong, positive vibration. It is not your job to run around punishing others, or even focusing on their lives. You need to focus on your own life, and come from as crystal clear a place, which involves not harming others, in the best way you can.

When YOU do that, then that attracts that same good energy into your life. If you are harboring harmful, angry, vengeful, or victimized thoughts, then that is what your energy will attract to you, and that is what will show up in your life in various situations. .

I hope you find this useful for your well being.

Blessings, Ayal

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