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"I owe thousand of dollars to friends and family - what can I do?"

I need help, I started business a few years ago and now it seems I am going to lose it. I can file for bankruptcy but I owe thousand of dollars to friends and family, which include my inlaws and my sister-in-law's inlaws too. How can I face them? I am in a panic mode. I am trembling. HELP!


Hello. I usually take donations before I answer a question, but this time I will answer you and hope that you will follow through with the integrity to actually give the donation when you are able to. This is an important part of turning this energy around for you, as this is also about, to some extent, integrity. Integrity actually comes down to a belief in oneself - that one is capable and has the resources to take care of oneself, and do what is right. It is a strong belief in oneself and one's inner power and strength.

The first thing that is showing up for you is this: there is a need for you to increase your tendency, or ability, to let things happen, rather than to make them happen. By this, I take it to mean that when you go about doing things or making decisions and choices, you are pushing rather than tuning into what the flow of life really wants to be - you are not tuned into what is appropriate for that moment. In order to get in tune with what wants to happen in life for things to flow beautifully and successfully, one must develop and cultivate deep listening. This is inner attunement, listening to that still, calm, Divine voice, or guidance, from within.

When one is anxious, or stressed out, or full of fear, as you are now, and probably have been for a while, it is impossible to hear that voice or be still enough to receive guidance. Your energy is in panic mode - perhaps you have carried this panic around inside of you for a long, long time - but if you want to shift the energy and get your life moving forward in a healthy way, you are going to need to release that fear and become still and calm and centered Within. From this place, you will then know much more clearly what it is that you need to do.

Right now there is so much fear that it is like a huge amount of static jamming the airwaves, and you can't tune your inner radio, so to speak, to the right channel to hear anything. You are living in your head instead of from your heart, and the mind will tell you all sorts of crazy, untrue things. It will make up all kinds of fearful stories and outcomes, and it creates distortion and paralysis. If you listen to your mind instead of your heart, it causes big trouble. It's like continuing to pile wood on a fire that is full of negativity and fear. Soon you have a raging, huge bonfire that is out of control.

When you have released your fear and you are calm, I invite you to sit in meditation, at least 2 times a day for a while, for 20 minutes, minimum. Use breathing techniques to calm your mind. Also, for 6 minutes of that time, I invite you to chant - find some chants to God that appeal to you, and devote yourself to this practice for that time. This is a powerful way to connect with your source and to uplift your spirit. When you are calm, ask to be shown what you need to do. Just listen, without an agenda, without pushing, without fear. Just open to listen, as you would listen to a lovely piece of music.

Then, give thanks. Feel the Love that spirit has for you. Allow yourself to feel nurtured and safe, guided and protected. You may have spent most of your life feeling the opposite of this, especially if you have come from your head instead of your heart. It is time to shift that, and move into a new way of being.

It is important for you to move into a state of feeling gratitude instead of fear. All situations come to teach us something we very much need to learn, and if you can begin to look at this from that perspective, you will find both gratitude and relief. Focus on how it feels to feel both of these things: gratitude and relief. Bring those energies into your body, and let them fill up every cell and fiber of your being.

You have an issue that you need to clear regarding feeling unimportant. When one has this issue, it is difficult to feel confident or competent, or connected to life and others. This can, therefore create a lack of success, as well as a disconnect, or separation from appropriate energy, from self, from Source, from others. It is a belief that you are not loved, not capable, not worth anything. Very important to clear this up! It can even go so deep as to make one feel one has no right to even exist, or have a place in Life - and if one has that energy going on, how likely is it that one can create successfully?

To work with this issue, go to the information on this Clearing the Way site that deals with how we create our own realities. In that info is a formula for releasing and transforming core issues. Follow the instructions using that technique, at least 2 times within a 2 week period, more if needed, to get to the root of it. You can also use the Whole Heart Healing technique to deal with this issue.

One last thing - there is a wonderful spiritual teacher named Drunvalo, whom you can look up on the web - he offers some very high level classes and information that I am getting you need and that will benefit you greatly. I invite you to look him up and see if something appeals to you. There is something there for you that is important.

Blessings, Ayal

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