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"My problem is that I feel that I am not sensitive to subtle energies, psychic energy, etc"

I am a healthcare professional at a crossroads. I am thinking of selling my practice and working either at another office or from home, and also incorporating hypnosis in my practice. I have also been drawn back to Spiritual studies through Edgar Cayce material and have been reading a lot on subtle energies, crystals, spirit guides, etc. I want to be able to add these dimensions to my healing practices with people because of a sense of frustration in not being able to help some of them. My problem is that I feel that I am not sensitive to subtle energies, psychic energy, etc. even though I believe in their effects on myself and others.

My question to you is how to unblock myself and open up to these. I have begun meditation, hypnosis, using crystals, visualizations, etc. I think part of my problem is that I have been so concrete all my life that I look for concrete changes, objective signs of change, when it may take more time to open up to these without trying so hard. Do you see something I can add to what I am doing? Do you know anything about the Edgar Cayce radioactive device or Pulsors for energy balancing, as opposed to using crystals for chakra opening which I have been doing? Thanks so much - also, I have enjoyed the tone and connection you portray in your answers to others.


So nice to receive your letter and to see another beautiful man on the planet opening up to his intuition. This is what is being asked for all of us right now.

OK. For you, I am getting that you need to do some personal clearing to help you open up. The first thing you need to do though, is tune into the collective unconscious, get some familiarity and a relationship going with it – read about it – meditate on it, etc. Then, from it, draw forth an archetypal energy to help you with this. That archetype is, interestingly enough, The Rebel. Here's some info on that:

Our images of the Rebel may be too closely aligned with cliches of youth culture to let us see the deeper significance of this valuable archetype. Whether politically inclined like Martin Luther King, Jr., Betty Friedan, or Lech Walensa, or an artistic innovator such as Van Gogh, Joyce, or Coltrane, the Rebel is a key component of all human growth and development. The Rebel in a support group can be a powerful aid in helping the group break out of old tribal patterns. It can also help you see past tired preconceptions in your field of professional or creative endeavor. The Rebel can also lead you to reject spiritual systems that do not serve your inner need for direct union with the Divine and to seek out more appropriate paths. The shadow Rebel, conversely, may compel you to rebel out of peer pressure or for the sake of fashion, and so become mired in another manifestation of conformity. The shadow Rebel may also reject legitimate authority simply because it is asking you to do something you find difficult or unpleasant. Be especially careful in evaluating your rebellious impulses; even if the Rebel is not part of your intimate circle of archetypes, you probably have it to some extent and should pay attention to its urgings.

While the Rebel is unable to accept the status quo, he can become a leading voice that confronts societal negativity. The developed side of this archetype learns to exercise responsible choice when confronting someone or thing. The shadow side is motivated by personal anger or by the belief that change can only occur through violent behavior.

So, perhaps sit in meditation and call upon this energy to help you break out of old constraints.

The next thing that is showing up for you is to lose interest in judging yourself – to get beyond this, in other words, and to only offer yourself love and encouragement and support – to see your own brilliance and purpose of your soul and the good energy behind whatever it is that you are doing, even if it seems awkward or difficult.

Spend time out in nature getting grounded.Work with your 1st chakra, which is the grounding chakra (also tribal energy – which seems to be up for you – getting clear of any contraints of the tribe/society, etc.) - you also need to strengthen this chakra, get it clear and flowing smoothly. Also, there is a need to heal some heart issues – get clear on how you may have some love and hatred going on that are tangled up together. See what jumps out at you about this.

There is some hurt and guilt going on that is getting in your way of channeling in your higher source. Somewhere you felt misunderstood. This needs to be resolved. It involves letting go of the need for appreciation and approval from others. To bring in your own intuition, you have to be grounded in your own ability to stand in your own sense of self worth – to trust what comes to you. Getting past the fear you have carried around this. The need to see the true love behind this relationship – to be able to see that all is teaching us. This is a crucial skill and vibration you need to have in order to open to what you are looking for. This goes back to letting go of judgments. Let go of any need or energy of argumentativeness.

Here is an intention you can put out to the Universe and the Powers that be ( and to your own soul as well ) to help you bring in clear, right on info:

"I request total, complete TRUTH on all levels to express honestly to my conscious mind, when I choose to ask for it. Thank you."
There is a need to trust more in divine will. Trust your source.

It would also be good for you to be around other psychic and intuitive people – begin to feel their vibration, what they are about. Even getting a psychic reading or two or three would be useful. Find someone who is high quality and high integrity.

You know, the funny thing about seeking something is that it's always right there in our own backyard, as Dorothy found out ("There's no place like home" – and she had the means to go there all the time, even when she thought she couldn't get back there) - so, you have this ability, but, as with all of us, it gets covered up, and we are all too often programmed to the contrary and told that we don't have it, or that it's not acceptable – so, we close it down. The trick is to reclaim it, trust in ourselves, and know that it is totally acceptable to do what you think is right for you, for your Highest good, and for the Highest good of all. And I hear that you are definitely coming from that place.

Many blessings, Ayal

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