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"I don't like being looked at or feeling exposed, which is causing problems"

Hello Ayal, you have helped me in the past, and as I was reflecting on my current challenge, I thought you might have some insights or practices to recommend.

I've been doing some powerful energy work with a light work practitioner over the last couple of years, and I have the ability to give myself reiki, so I have a lot of great tools available. Thanks in part to this energy work, my energy and life have improved over the last three years, and I am now finally working towards my dream of being a singer. I have written some songs and they come through very easily for me, so that aspect is promising, and I have a great singing teacher. My goal in singing is to experience as much freedom and skill as possible, to reach my full potential in this life, channel and experience the joy of sound in my body, and feel good singing and working with other musicians.

Even though I have made some progress in building confidence about my potential to achieve these goals, I still have a deep resistance to practicing singing. This is partly due to a really deeply held belief that I can't do it and I'm not good enough. Another issue is a deep need and desire for privacy and even anonymity. I don't like being looked at or feeling exposed, so I dislike singing in front of other people. Some of this is related to childhood experiences and certainly a lot of this resistance is coming from younger aspects of myself.

Related to this is the work I am doing to heal my sexuality, which has been hurt by some childhood experiences. I see this issue as being closely related to my singing issues, as both are about experiencing joy in the body.

My questions: do you have any insights as to why I'm experiencing these barriers, and more importantly, can you suggest some exercises to help clear them? Thank you and blessings to you.


Hi. OK, this is one of the things that you are needing to do, 2 times a day for the next 4 months: play with this – and have fun with it! Like going to a candy store and ordering just want you want. It is suggested that you write down your answers and also say them aloud.


Step 1) I am so fortunate BECAUSE Life always blesses me with MORE of whatever I sincerely appreciate. Today I really APPRECIATE .............. because .............. I am so grateful because .............. (emphasize the benefits!)

Step 2) I love it when I FEEL ...............

WHEN I feel this way, THEN ...........

which makes it EASY for me to ............

Step 3) My primary intention for today is to receive a CLEAR ANSWER to the following QUESTION: ..............

ANSWERS that came into my awareness when I asked the above question: ..............

Step 4) I now invite ASSISTANCE from The Loving Power I recognize as greater than myself:

Thank you ............... for your perfect guidance, unconditional love, and ongoing support. If it's in the Highest Good for me and for All Life Everywhere, please DIVINELY ORCHESTRATE the following in just the perfect time: .................

I completely SURRENDER all worries, doubts, and fears to You, ............. When I entrust YOU to take care of the details, everything falls into place for ME with amazing ease.

Step 5) I am now READY and WILLING to RELEASE and LET GO of ................... plus ALL issues both known and unknown that no longer serve me in a positive way, which FREES me to .............

Step 6) My special way of being KIND to ................ today is to ....................

Step 7) Since I can be, do, and have absolutely ANYTHING, I see myself ALREADY enjoying the following ..............

With enormous GRATITUDE, I now agree to ACCEPT these and even GREATER gifts in just the PERFECT TIME in DELIGHTFUL WAYS that express the HIGHEST GOOD for All Life Everywhere.

Signed ..............

Say: I am an "Irrisistable Magnet for Miracles." It's just the story of my life! MORE of this, please! ( Listen as Life whispers in your ear: "You're RIGHT! Let me show you MORE EVIDENCE of this!")

The other thing you need to play with is affirmations. An affirmation means to make something firm that ALREADY EXISTS! This is THE KEY to working with an affirmation. In your mind, you see it, and feel it, and KNOW that it exists already. It's like going into your wonderful, cozy, beautiful bedroom, for instance, where you know where everything is - it's all there, all that you delight in, is there. It's already waiting for you, and you just turn on the light to see it. You already, in other words, know what it feels like in there, and you feel it and know it's there even before you enter the room. No doubts about it.

So, I invite you to create a positive affirmation for yourself - create a great one, and avoid using any negative words, such as can't, don't, won't, not, etc.

Use I AM statements. Avoid "I can" or "I will". Create a clear statement that conveys a strong feeling (you must feel - totally and completely as you state your affirmation - how it FEELS to already be enjoying the new energy and situation.) Write a statement that resonates with you and creates a feeling of expansion, joy, freedom, and positive support. Always state your affirmation in the present tense, which affirms that it is happening NOW. It is the "I AM" that you truly are. This is not pretending. It is manifesting. Remember - energy follows thought AND the emotion (key part of it!) that accompanies that thought.

Blessings, Ayal

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