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"I really want to make life better for myself and my family"

I have had long term health problems and have been living in poverty for some time. At present I feel that nothing can get better. What can I do about this? I really want to make life better for myself and my family. Thank you for your help.


Hi - well, we create our lives from our thoughts, so for you to be dealing with both of the issues of poverty and health says to me that there are long term patterns for you in your ways of thinking and believing. And that these ways of thinking and believing say that bad things will happen to you - basically, that you don't believe that life works out, that you can't trust the process of life, that you won't be taken care of, that no one or nothing is there to support you or help you. So, I am glad that you reached out for help, because that is the first step in saying that maybe there is something you can trust and count on.

Now, you need to take this one step further, and realize that what YOU, yourself, think and feel is what creates things for you in your life - and that who you have to trust and count on is yourself - how you think and feel determines what your life will be. In other words, you have to take responsibility for your life by taking responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. Thoughts are energy, as are feelings, and they broadcast out into the Universe, molding the fabric of the Universe, as your hands would mold clay. I think it will be really, really important for you to get hold of a copy of the movie, "The Secret," and watch it many, many times. Maybe your local library can get it, or has a copy of it. You could ask them and see if they can get it for you. It's also available online here. This movie talks about all of this in a fascinating way.

Another way you can start dealing with gaining this understanding is the book "Ask and It Is Given," by Esther and Jerry Hicks, available through Amazon, or you can probably get your library to get a copy for you. You are going to need to undo years and years, maybe even lifetimes, of thinking in ways that create poverty for you and ill health - but, it is commendable, very much so, that you want to get out of this loop for both yourself AND your children. If you learn this now, and you pass it on to your children, that will be a wonderful thing.

When you have a belief or a thought about something, an emotion always goes along with it. In order to change what you create, you have to change the emotions that you feel. In order to change the emotions that you feel, you have to first of all become aware of what they are, of what you are feeling. This is a crucial, huge, huge part of becoming a clear and healthy human being.

The mind is polarized, it has a left and a right side and sees everything as polarized, as either good or bad or neutral. Everything in the mind is based on thoughts and logic. The polarized mind sees time as past, present, future. It's sees space as x, y and z. It sees everything as broken up into these three components, but the heart doesn't. It sees everything spherically. This is pure feminine energy. It doesn't even know what polarity is, because when you're in there you can't see polarity. Everything is whole, complete and perfect as it is. There's nothing "wrong." Everything is exactly the way it's supposed to be and it's not based on thoughts and logic. It's based on dreaming and feelings and emotions. And that is how you know if you are coming from your heart - you will either have an emotion that feels good to you, or that doesn't feel good. If it doesn't feel good, then you know that you are on the wrong track to being able to create for yourself what you truly desire. If it feels good, then you know that you are on the right track and in the right place to create what you desire. You use your emotions, therefore, to locate what you are thinking and where you are coming from.

What is being discovered lately is that whenever you pray, such as if you pray for world peace along with billions of other people, or you pray for health and wealth, the problem is that no matter how pure your intention is, you will always create the polarity, or the opposite of that which you are praying for. So you will create a world that is partly in war and partly in peace. You'll get both sides -- the dark and the light. You're going to get the equal, other side. You always will create it that way if you come from the mind, because the mind itself is polarized. It sees things as either good or bad, right or wrong, left or right, etc. But, you can go into your heart and create from within your heart and then the creation process is entirely different. It's not based on thoughts and logic, but based on dreaming and emotions. The heart cannot create anything negative, because it's not set up that way. The heart doesn't even know what "wrong" is - it isn't polarized - it sees everything from the state of love and wholeness.

So, when you truly come from your heart, truly come from that place where love lives, you will create what the intention is, but without the dark side. Just as an interesting thing - Light in the heart has an interesting phenomenon. When you look at this world from here, now, light has shadows because light comes from a source. But, the same light inside the heart, which many have now seen as they practice going inside of the heart, in meditation, has no shadow because the light appears to come from everywhere. And it does the same thing when you create from there. There's no polarity so it doesn't create the opposite of what you're trying to create. Spiritual teachers are saying that this is one of our greatest lessons that we have to remember if we're ever going to get out of this problems that we're in, not only with war, but socially and environmentally and everything that is unhealthy for ourselves as well as the planet as a whole. We need to begin to live from, and create from within our hearts rather than live and create from our minds.

And here's what is also being discovered, and it is truly amazing: From within your heart, you can know anything. Absolutely anything at all. You could know the most complicated calculus problem and instantaneously come up with a perfect answer without ever knowing how you got there. When you go into that little space in the heart, in the center of the heart, (which actually exists physically) - whatever question you ask or whatever you want to know just appears. Those who are in this space can look at you or even a picture of you and tell you everything -- your name, address, phone number, Social Security number, date of birth, and date of death also. They know every disease you've had, all the children you've got, the names and address and phone numbers and on and on and on. They can just know anything. And, so can anybody. This is what is now being discovered, and it is truly phenomenal. And you can do it too, with practice and dedication, because you also have that heart space within you. We all do.

So, the challenge here for you is to begin developing this amazing power of your heart - learning to go into that space within the heart and access the power of the Universe there. This is also called authentic power, or true power. The first step is that you must become aware of what you are feeling to create authentic power. A central practice of doing this, to start with, will be to scan what you are feeling in your body - becoming conscious of your emotions. Your emotions are the force field of your soul. (The electromagnetic fields around the human body are 55, 60 feet across in diameter. And this energy can be sent out infinitely with conscious intention).

It is difficult to be conscious of our emotions because we can experience so much pain in each moment, if our thoughts and beliefs are distorted and come from an unclear place - but the rewards are greater then we can imagine.... if you do NOT become emotionally aware, your pain emerges in unexpected ways, creating consequences that are as unwanted as they are difficult, such as poverty and illness. We act out our pain in distorted ways on ourselves and on others. Emotional awareness, however, turns your attention to the most noble, fulfilling, joyful, and empowering part of yourself that you can reach for - and that is your soul.

The need to feel safe, valuable, and loved has created everything external in our lives - humanity has turned outward to get this safety for millennium, reaching outward to external things to enhance the possibility/probability of survival. This old way of being explored the physical world and created security by manipulating and controlling what it discovered. The new human, where we all must go - is heart based. We must now look inside to find the roots of our insecurities, and to pull them - to come from our true power - our soul essence.

The creation of authentic power will confront you with the most unhealthy parts of yourself - the parts that blame, criticize, judge, resent, envy, and hate others, yourself, and the universe. These are the parts that must be uncovered, acknowledged and changed. They are also the parts that most want to change, control, and manipulate others in order to feel secure, rather than to be changed themselves.

For you, you need to begin to face and transform your anger and frustration, to start with, and then see whatever other emotions you have stored up that are unhealthy and keeping you in distress - on all levels.

Your belief needs to be:

"I trust the process of life. Only right and good action is taking place in my life."
And you need to feel this, and KNOW this, and create this, from your heart.

Noticing Unhealthy Parts
How do you know when you have encountered an unhealthy part of yourself? That wants to change others and the world rather than be changed itself?

Notice when:

  • You feel right
  • You feel defensive
  • You feel angry
  • You blame others, yourself, or the Universe
  • You are self critical
  • You are upset
  • You judge others
  • You are impatient
  • Anytime you are in a painful reaction to something or someone

Begin to notice when you go through your day. Each time you notice one of these reactions, congratulate yourself!

How to re-program an old pattern:
Make a list of what you want to change in yourself. Identify your emotions. Then, change them...

  1. Own the fear or emotion or pattern. Fear is a mask that covers your true desire. To find your true desire, you must confront the emotion, whether it is fear, anger grief, etc. See how you react to a given situation - look at what you are afraid of. Ask: "What keeps me believing in that fear? What will happen if I let go of it? What is the pay off for keeping it? What do I get to do or not do if I keep the fear?"

  2. Decide if this pattern serves you anymore. Decide if you want to keep the program, or change it. If you decide to keep it, observe why, without judgment.

  3. If you decide to change it, decide what you want to change it to, exactly. Be specific. You must have a new belief, a choice for a new perception. If you choose to believe in a new reality, you eliminate fear.

  4. Put out your intention - what you intend to create. Say: "I intend to _____." You can even state how you will do it, step by step. Your intention must be followed by willingness.

  5. Ask Spirit, your Highest Self, for guidance or help to achieve the new intention. State your new reality 100% positively, in the form of "I Am _____."

  6. Now, most importantly allow yourself to FEEL very clearly and strongly what it would FEEL like to operate out of and have that new belief in your life. What would you FEEL? Let that feeling flow into every cell of your body.
Intention, or a new thought form, focused and created from the heart - plus emotion creates the transformation into new ways of being and brings about the new pattern you are choosing.

Blessings, Ayal

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