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"How to get rid of my twitches?"

Dear Ayal

Your web site is amazing! I could not agree more with all you say. Can you please help me with the following - I have had twitches for years (which I want to get rid of), and feel this relates to some programme that is running inside, but so far I could not really understand what it is. Can you see it? I felt it was something to do with attachment. Thanks a lot.


I get that your twitches stem from a virus you had during your early childhood. Maybe around 3 years old. You might try having a soul retrieval with a good shamanic practitioner to extract it (contact the Foundation for Shamanic Studies to inform you of someone in your area). Emotionally, I also get that there is something going on for you regarding sadness, and a need to reaffirm your self. There seems to be some self hatred going on. The answer to that, of course, is to love yourself unconditionally.

Also - do you live or did you live at one time in a heavily polluted area? There seems to be some indication of pollution in your energy - maybe of heavy metals. I would invite you to get tested for heavy metals (speak to a doctor familiar with heavy metal poisoning) if this resonates with you. There are now many products available through your medical doctor that can cleanse the body of heavy metals. I'm not saying this is definitely happening, but it is a good thing to check out.

Many blessings - Ayal

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