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"What are your thoughts on healing the cyst on my ovary without medical intervention?"

I am writing primarily because I have a 7 cm. benign cyst on my right ovary and believe that I can make it disappear through polarity healing sessions and self-healing exercises via meditation and wanted to know what your thoughts are on that. I had a laparotomy scheduled for January 8th, but just cancelled it this morning. I feel I am doing the right thing.

Additionally, I have been told that I need to learn to honor my feminine energy, that my energy is dispersed and that I need to nurture my source of strength. Will I be able to do this while focusing on healing the cyst - as I understand that medical issues related to the female reproductive system are linked to one's feminine side.


Hi Maria - I can't tell you whether or not your decision is right or wrong, but I can tell you that it is a good thing to trust one's intuition and follow one's inner voice. Keep on listening to it - if at some point you decide to go in a different direction, that is ok too - whatever you decide is to be honored. Our job is just to keep on tuning into and being aware of what is needed in each moment.

I can give you some more info on the root causes of the cyst. The first thing that is coming up is an issue of "Defeatism. No longer caring for the self. Anxiety". The antidote belief and feelings would need to be transformed into this pattern of thought and emotion:

"I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself."
So, this is an issue centering around not judging yourself. I think that is why you had questions and perhaps some doubt about whether or not you are doing the right thing, as there may be a pattern for you of not trusting yourself to do things "right" - of trusting yourself. The ultimate place to be, for all of us, is to validate and honor and trust ourselves - knowing so deeply, at the core level of our being - that we are beautiful and wonderful and "right," perfect, just as we are. That who we are is Spirit, is light, and there is nothing to judge about that. That is the journey for all of us.

Until we get there, we look to others to validate and honor us - but the most wonderful, safest place of peace to come from is when we just KNOW that about ourselves, and we just LIVE IN that place in all of our moments. This is what all the spiritual practices are about and what they are for - to merge with that presence of the God within each of us - to get to that core place of Oneness where there is no ego separation from what we truly are. We make this amazing, epic journey of separating from our Divine essence - we are born - we incarnate - in order to have all of these incredible experiences and learn all of these lessons and meet all of these challenges - but once we do that, then we begin to circle on back to that place of peace and Oneness which just feels so good.

We can still be in our bodies, but we are in our bodies in this place where you can manifest whatever you think instantly, and you stay in self generating Love - that's the journey all of the ascended masters, including Jesus, made - and that is the journey, as I see it, for each of us.

So, just keep on tuning in to your inner voice - feel the Love there, merge with it - trust it - that's where healing comes from.

Blessings, Ayal

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