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"I had my first ever car accident that has affected me to the point of not wanting to ever drive"

Hi! I all at once wanted to write you. You helped me very much back in 2004 (question 401) with your insight. I am writing you because I am struggling a lot. I find myself exhausted physically from my work. My energy has been very low. I also have been very sad about some recent losses of people. I wonder if you have any particular insight. I feel kind of blah and stuck. I don't feel I have too much direction. I am very afraid, physically aching (particularly my low back). I also had my first ever car accident that has affected me to the point of not wanting to ever drive. I guess there could be more that I tell you... but I am curious if there is anything you can tell me about work, my energy level, and my fear of driving. Would you be able to connect with my higher self? I hope you are also well. Thanks so much.

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OK - the first thing that is showing up for you is an attitude/energy pattern of defeatism, of no longer caring for the self. What goes along with this is anxiety. The affirmation is:

"I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to take care of, and care for myself."

You may also be experiencing some emotional discharge. What happens after we have an experience that shows us that we CAN take care of ourselves, or that we ARE good enough, or some other positive change or evolution we have gone through, is that the system has to release, or discharge, the old programming that says we aren't good enough. This happens because it now has new information and proof that makes the old programming invalid. So, the old beliefs and emotions must spill out, or get discharged, and while that is occurring, you definitely feel them as they pass through you to be released. See if something like this may have happened for you recently. Perhaps the fact that even though you had a car accident, you survived it, may have triggered this.

However, since you have had a severe trauma with the accident, it is very important to clear that trauma from your system - on all levels. I am getting that you are still connected, or corded, to that experience. Read the article at the end of the home page on "Cutting the Cords That Bind You," and follow the technique offered there to cut the cords to that experience.

It would also be great for you to find a good chiropractor who deals with energy flow, meridians, etc., and not just one who does physical adjustments, someone who can see if the energy in your body got blocked from the accident. I recently fell down our stairs in our house, and I went to a great chiropractor who really understands how the energy gets blocked. What he found was that there was no energy getting through from my upper body to my lower body, as I had taken a big hit to my right kidney. Basically there was a big dent in the middle of my body at the kidney level that was acting as a huge energy block. I could have just let the bruising heal, but I knew more would be going on than that. This is all part of taking care of yourself. Most people don't realize how the body can seriously shut down after a traumatic experience, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and one has to take steps to get oneself back into alignment and harmony again. This can also mean talking to someone about your fears, getting some support and counseling (the lower back deals with support). Take good care of yourself on all levels, and do whatever you need to do to get back into a state of health on all levels.

Getting a soul retrieval from a good shamanic practitioner would also be very, very good for you, as we can and do lose parts of ourselves, or get disassociated, to use the more medical terminology, due to any kind of trauma. See if there is a practitioner near you - check out the Foundation for Shamanic Studies on the net for this info.

One other thing: there are no "accidents". Everything happens for a reason. I asked what was the reason for the car accident for you, and it said that you are needing to learn the lesson that "True gold is in the heart." You are needing to evolve into some more balanced, inner development, to not seek outside of yourself for spiritual experiences or "highs" - to look within yourself for this. This goes back again to you taking care of yourself. And if you are coming from your heart, you can never feel "empty."

Blessings, Ayal

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