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"What affirmations will steer me away from fear and closer to meeting my desire?"

I truly believe what you say that we create our own reality by our thoughts, words, and then actions. I consider myself to be self-aware and affirm my beliefs daily. My truest desire is to be happily married, have a family and a home (I'm 34). I am in a wonderful long-distance relationship with a terrific man for a year now. But, he has not mentioned anything about the future of the relationship or marriage. I would like some insight on how to approach the subject of sharing our lives together. In addition, I would like to find some affirmations I can include daily to help steer me away from fear and closer to having faith that my desire will be met. Thank you.


Well, the best approach with any communication is to speak your truth in a calm, clear, and honest way. I invite you to ask him what are his thoughts about this, as you find yourself wondering about it, and you would like to have some clarity and insight as to where he is at. A great book to read on communication skills is Marshall Rosenburg's "Non-Violent Communication." The art of communication is absolutely crucial in life, in any and all relationships.

Here is a wonderful process to do to manifest what you want in life. Also, get hold of the book, "Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires." That will be a great benefit for you.


A good way to do this is to write your answers out each time you do it. Or, you can do it mentally, but the key is to FEEL completely what you reply in the deepest, heartfelt way. This needs to be done daily to manifest what you desire.

Step 1)
I am so fortunate BECAUSE Life always blesses me with MORE of whatever I sincerely appreciate. Today I really APPRECIATE ________ because ________. I am so grateful because ________ (Emphasize the benefits!)

Step 2)
I love it when I FEEL ________

WHEN I feel this way, THEN ________

which makes it EASY for me to ________

Step 3)
My primary intention for today is to receive a CLEAR ANSWER to the following QUESTION: _____________________ .

ANSWERS that came into my awareness when I asked the above question: ______________________ .

Step 4)
I now invite ASSISTANCE from The Loving Power I recognize as greater than myself: Thank you ________ for your perfect guidance, unconditional love, and ongoing support. If it's in the Highest Good for me and for All Life Everywhere, please DIVINELY ORCHESTRATE the following in just the perfect time: _______________________

I completely SURRENDER all worries, doubts, and fears to You ________. When I entrust YOU to take care of the details, everything falls into place for ME with amazing ease.

Step 5)
I am now READY and WILLING to RELEASE and LET GO of ________ plus ALL issues both known and unknown that no longer serve me in a positive way, which FREES me to ________.

Step 6)
My special way of being KIND to ________ today is to ________.

Step 7)
Since I can be, do, and have absolutely ANYTHING, I see myself ALREADY enjoying the following ________.

With enormous GRATITUDE, I now agree to ACCEPT these and even GREATER gifts in just the PERFECT TIME in DELIGHTFUL WAYS that express the HIGHEST GOOD for All Life Everywhere.

Signed ________

I am an "Irrisistable Magnet for Miracles." It's just the story of my life! MORE of this, please! (Listen as Life whispers in your ear....."You're RIGHT! Let me show you MORE EVIDENCE of this!")

Blessings, Ayal

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