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"Am I blocking my own healing, and if so what can I do?"

Dear Ayal, I would like to know if am I blocking my own healing, if I am why, and what can I do about it?

I've tried so many self-help methods and have sought many different types of healers and therapists that I almost feel ridiculous to be doing it again, by posting a question here. I feel like there s a block to my healing of core issues. Some of the things that I have sought help for over the years are: PTSD from my childhood (mother was extremely verbally and emotionally abusive, father wasn t around much), suicidal depression, addiction to food, teeth-grinding/not sleeping well, not fitting in well with others. Currently, I'm going through a lot of angst about finding my mission in life. I run the gamut from having too many interests, to feeling like there's nothing that I truly LOVE to do.

I'm 36 years old and have been on the self-healing path since I was 20. Am I blocking my own healing? Is it a past life issue? I have trouble connecting to my Guides and Spirit and once was told that there's a membrane over my crown chakra (or was it over my head blocking my crown chakra?) What's going on? Some things within myself are better as I get older, and I know I ve healed in many areas, but these core issues still seem to linger. They can be very painful sometimes. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.


Hi - What is showing up for you is an issue of "Defeatism: no longer caring for the self." Also anxiety. The affirmation is: "I love and approve of myself. It is safe for me to care for myself."

I also invite you to say out loud twice a week for the next three days the following very powerful prayer that will really start things moving for you:

"Mother Father God and Holy Spirit: assist me by directing any and all issues, addictions, patterns and frequencies of defeatism in my field to the God consciousness. Replace those energies with God's perfect Love, Joy, Harmony, Inner strength, True connectedness to Source, and Peace, from this moment on. Thank you."
Something else that you need to say twice a week for 3 years is the following:
"I am not influenced by any negative programming keeping me from my optimum level and I release all negativity, past or present, from people, places, things, idealized self image, self worth, or self esteem."
Every time you take a bathroom break, from this day on, do the following: Raise your hands above your head and then bring them down in front of your body, about 6 inches away, with the palms facing your body, and sweep them down your body all the way past the 1st chakra (about down to the top of your thighs) and then say in a loud clear voice: "CLEAR!!" This will clear your being on a deep level.

A homeopathic remedy would be a good thing for you. I invite you to locate a good practitioner and work with them for the next 3 years. This is extremely deep work and will peel back the layers for you and bring about a deep healing.

You need to address the PH balance in your body. You are too acidic. Get some info on this and proceed accordingly.

Cultivate cheerful energy. To do this, get hold of the book called "Ask And It Is Given" They talk about using a technique called a focus wheel to uplevel your energy and bring situations and yourself to a higher vibration. Will be very good for you.

You need to continue to work on your victim energy and blaming others for your circumstances. Learning to deal with necessary losses is part of everyone's contract. Right now you are still coming from victim energy about 73% of the time. When you fully clear this, your life will be amazingly different. To help you with this, I invite you to have an Akashic Record reading. The Akashic Records are the records of every soul and everything that was ever created since the beginning of time. People who offer Akashic Records can tap into them and ask what is called the Record Keepers for information about whatever you choose to ask. Focus especially on finding out more about your being in victim energy and what to do about it. You can contact a person named Chris who is an excellent reader to set up an appointment at 843/364-5725.

A great visualization for you to do is the following:

Imagine a rainbow - the rays are coming from the sky and entering your head. Flow the rainbow like liquid through your body and let it take away whatever is not your own highest energy. I'd do this 2 times a day for 2 months and then as needed.
There seems to be an energy still in your space from being psychically attacked by your mom. To release this energy, I'd also invite you to say the following prayer to clear out that energy...

To heal the effects of a psychic attack:

"Archangel Raphael, please enter my body and heal any imbalances and impurities that may have come from thoughts of anger or fear. Archangel Michael, please clear away anyone in the spirit world or material world who is not in my highest and best good. To the guardian angels of _____________ (person who did the psychic attack) who psychically attacked me, I ask that you help to bring harmony and peace to this situation and to replace all pain with peace. I ask that all effects of mistakes and issues creating the attack that were made be undone in all directions of time, by and for everyone concerned. Thank you."
That's plenty for now.

Blessings, Ayal

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