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"Periods of anxiety come and go all through my life"

Dear Ayal,

Recently I have made some decisions in my life and I am now experiencing a low level of anxiety. This tends to be a pattern that has come and gone all my life and been experienced at different levels. I am trying not to focus on the 'anxiety' and give it power. At the same time I am trying to recognize what is at the root of this fearful feeling and change whatever belief I have that is causing it. Thank You.


Hi - well, I have recently been learning about a whole other level where trauma and issues develop that, when dealt with, really gets to the root/origin cause of the problem. For most people, this is such far out there, cutting edge information that they may not be able to accept it or go there. But, as I tuned in for you, my guidance went directly to this level, so, that is what I must offer you.

What is being revealed now is that most, if not all of our issues begin at the cellular or pre-cellular level of existence - that is to say, these issues can go back as far as our father and mother's egg and sperm development, to what happened at conception, to what happened during the journey the egg and sperm both make to unite and form the new life that is you, or even earlier, as well as issues or energy the fetus experienced in the womb, and, of course, at birth. For instance, as with any journey made, there can be bruises and traumas and accidents along the way that can damage the entity making the journey and cause a divergence in its natural development. It's very fascinating stuff and goes VERY deep. Patterns and traumas that later follow in one's life come from these original trauma patterns - it's the old adage, actually - "As above, so below". Or, in this case, what happened in the original journey of what formed you and made up your life continues in your later, outer journey. What happens on one level of life continues to be plaid out on the other levels.

There is information available about this now which can be accessed in the book by Grant McFetridge called Peak States of Consciousness.

For you, there is an issue that goes all the way back to your father's sperm - this issue was given to you from that place and was carried by his sperm when it united with your mother's egg. There are nurse cells that protect the sperm in the man's body, and in some way there was some issue that his sperm were not properly protected by the nurse cells - this caused anxiety and a pattern of not feeling protected. Also for you, there is an issue showing up during the 3rd week or so of your gestational time in the womb - when the placenta begins to form and is producing some important hormones. The placenta is also a form of protector for the child, so if something happened there, that could also account for an issue of not feeling safe or protected in some way. There is also another pattern that developed in a bit out of sync way for you in the womb that has to deal with the sleeping and waking cycles as a fetus, around week 25 of fetal growth. Do you still have any issues with sleeping and waking? If so, this is where it began.

I know this is new info and sounds very far out, but I've been working with it myself lately and have found it to be extremely right on. We're always being given new information and up-leveling what we know, just as newer and faster models of computers are constantly being developed. So, this seems to be the next level of healing info coming in. Takes us way back there. Even in the sperm and egg, there is awareness and divine intelligence and feeling.

So, to deal with this, there are a couple of things you can do. You can do all of them actually, if you chose to.

  1. Use the following prayer to ask that these issues be healed:

    Mother Father God and Holy Spirit: assist me by directing _________ frequencies in my field to the God consciousness. Replace those energies with God's perfect Love energies. Thank you.

    In the blank, put in the issue or event or incident or energy pattern you want to be healed. For instance, "any trauma or energies of anxiety, patterns of not feeling protected, etc., I received that was carried by my father's sperm, etc."

  2. In meditation, ask to be taken back to that incident or event, and when you see it or feel it, ask that it be healed with Divine energy. See what is needed in order for this to be healed and allow it to happen.

  3. Use a healing technique called EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. You can also look this up on the net. What you do with this is to focus on the issue or energy, such as the anxiety, and then, (keeping your focus constantly on that throughout the entire process), beginning at the corner of your eyebrow, closest to the nose, you tap with your finger about 7 times. Then you move to the corner of your eye (by the hairline side), and tap 7 times. Then you go directly under the eye, and tap 7 times on the bone there. Then you move to the indentation under the nose and tap 7 times; then under the lower lip in that indentation and tap 7 times. Then you tap the middle of your chest with your hand about 7 times, and then under your arm, on your side in line with the nipple, 7 times, using your hand. You continue to do this for about 7-15 minutes or so, repeating the cycle, focusing on the issue you want to release. This is a powerful technique for healing that has been developed in various forms by a variety of brilliant scientists and healers around the world. It breaks the energetic loop that has been created in the body.
Try this, and see how it goes.

Blessings, Ayal

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