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"I suffer from fatigue and feel I have some kind of block between myself and life"

Dearest Ayal,

My question has to do with my lack of energy. I have had chronic fatigue syndrome/fibromyalgia in the past and have made huge changes in my life style which have helped somewhat. However, I still have to pace myself and am constantly dealing with fatigue. I also am getting terrible chest pains at night after I have exercised or exerted myself to any great degree. I feel like I have some kind of block between myself and life and I need to blast past it. Thank you for helping!


Hi. Well, let's deal with some things first that will help out physically. First of all, you need to re-balance your body so that it is more alkaline. One way to do this is to drink alkalized water. Visit the website at Trans4mind for more info on this. Eating foods that are alkaline in nature will help also. Disease cannot live, many now say, in a properly balanced alkaline body.

To help your heart, I suggest you order the Fiber plan drink mix from Shaklee (call 1-800 shaklee). Also from Shaklee, get the Vita- C and Formula 1 to help with your immune system and chronic fatigue. Also order from them:

  1. The peppermint/ginger supplement and also Optiflora to help with your digestion and fatigue. Very good for you.
  2. Valerian plus for stress and muscle tension
  3. B-complex for Hypoglycemia, which causes fatigue and depression
  4. Carotomax for your heart and body degeneration, and to strengthen your immune system
Magnesium is also good for fibromyalgia. The supplement inositol, potassium aspartate, thiamin, folic acid, manganese and also pantethine would be good for you. Eating organic red grapes twice a week and tomato puree 3 times a week would be good for you.

Shiatsu healing sessions would be good for you to get. I'd say two times a week for 2 months, and then perhaps once a week for 2 months.

Blame and guilt, which is a 2nd chakra issue, toward yourself, is showing up. When you judge yourself in this way, you are choosing not to support yourself, causing fatigue and other problems. Read about the 2nd chakra in Caroline Myss's book, Anatomy of the Spirit. You can also find info on it in an article on the chakras listed at the end of the home page on this site.

Say this affirmation 3 times a day for the next 3 months:

"I am born to manifest the glory of God that is within me. An energy from my heart and spirit is now available to me that allows me to manifest this."



I invite you to order and use the magenta Aura-Soma essence, the quintessence, called Pallas Athena, which is for love and the re-awakening to creativity and beauty. You can order this at email

The flower essences Cherry Plum (for destructiveness, fear, letting go and letting God - fear of loss of self), and Walnut, for giving one freedom from limiting influences, called the link breaker in that way, for all transitions in life, being true to self, and finding one's direction free of the pull of others, would be excellent for you. I'd take 3 drops of cherry plum under the tongue, 3 times a day for 3 weeks, and 4 drops of walnut under the tongue, 4 times a day for 4 weeks. You can order them at the Flower Essence Society, (530) 265-9163.

Things to focus on:

  • Self sufficiency
  • Gaining wisdom
  • And becoming more active. Taking a trip would ACTUALLY BE GOOD FOR YOU.

The issues of believing that you were 'discarded" and also owning your femininity are showing up. Sit in meditation and ask about these issues and see what info you get. If you believe that you deserve to be, or will be, discarded, then that means that you are discarding yourself, or removing energy from yourself, actually - you are not giving YOURSELF the value and support and love that you need and deserve. How come? And how do you feel about yourself as a woman?

Self punishing behavior is also showing up for you, which makes sense, if you have discarded yourself and your own worth. Also the issue of incomplete bonding, as well as an inability to relax showed up. Which means not feeling safe or supported in any moment. What happened when you were born? If you did not get a chance to appropriately bond with your parents within the first 15 hours of your birth, then the issue of feeling discarded makes sense. I invite you to do at least 3 mediations/visualizations where you go back to your birth and see what happened. Just ask to see it or receive information on it. Then, in your imagination, wrap the you that you were as a baby in your arms and give it all the love you can, to bond with that baby you and heal that break in energy, or loss of self. Do this as much as feels necessary.

You are here to learn compassion for yourself and therefore all others. Watch the language you use about yourself, and choose to only speak and think loving, supportive thoughts about yourself.

Blessings, Ayal

P. S. I received this letter a while ago from a man, and if you are interested in what he offers, you can contact him. Here's his info on fibromyalgia. I did not check it out, so I'm not recommending it or not recommending it. It's up to you if you feel pulled by it.

Posted By: Dan Stewart
Date: Tuesday, 15 October 2002

My wife and I started on some wonderful products and when we were first introduced to it 93 days ago, my wife had been in bed for 4 days. My wife, Deb, has Fibromyalgia and 2 forms of arthritis and migraines and night seizures/muscle spasms..... she has NOT HAD ONE flare up of ANY kind since DAY ONE. She has (had) so many health problems and she is only 45. She sleeps ALL night with restful sleep and now, so do I, as I am not having to help her get through a night or morning of pain. She has even started cutting way back on all her "drugs" as they aren't needed. We calculated that between her prescriptions and the vitamins and herbs we buy at the drugstore, we spend well over $450.00 a month and she was STILL in pain. I don't remember the last week that she didn't have a flare up or a migraine or some form of pain at LEAST twice a week if not more and as of today, 10-15-02, she has been PAIN FREE for 93 days!!!!! Both she and I don't 'pass' the vitamins and herbs UNDISSOLVED anymore either as these products are all natural and absorb in your system so you literally aren't "throwing money down the drain." If you are interested, which why wouldn't you be, just email me at and put Fibro in the subject line. You won't be sorry, I swear!!!!!

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