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"My mom really really hates me"

Dear Ayal,I read a question similar to mine but i didn't think it was the same thing. My mom really really hates me. She said just today actually that she doesn't care if we end up living on the streets. She has made us stay the night outside in below 20 degree weather and she tells all her friends about how horrible we are. At my school im a little popular and my friends used to like coming over to my house but now they say they don't and i think its because of my mom. She curses and screams at them like they are worthless. I don't have any thing against myself... in fact i love everything about my life except her. I wouldn't mind it so much if she'd let me sit down and relax but it seems as if she wants me as her personal slave. What can i do since she won't let me talk to her and im too afraid of what she'll do to tell her how i feel?


She sounds seriously ill, mentally ill. That is NOT normal or sane or stable behavior, and is close to child abuse and neglect. I think you need to talk to a counselor about this, for your own sake and safety, and see if by speaking to someone, you can get her some much needed help as well. Check out your school counselor, and tell them, or call social services, or mental health in your area...or perhaps tell someone else in your family or a teacher or minister who can help you with this

Blessings, Ayal

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