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"Why can't I completely heal the problem with my sinuses?"

Dear Ayal,

I wrote you once before asking for insight into allergies. Your advice was extremely helpful. The problem is my sinuses are still somehow always bothering me. There's always pressure, headaches, swelling, fishbowl feelings. These feelings do go away for a stretch of a few days sometimes, but them they return. Why can't I heal completely?


Hi - glad that what I shared was helpful for you. What is showing up for you still to deal with is “the planetary conscious mind” - when I asked for more specifics, it said “blame”. So I take it to mean that you are still caught up in the energy of how the mass consciousness on the planet thinks and what it operates out of, which is blame. That needs to be transformed. And it would be good for you to disconnect from being a part of or connected to mass consciousness. The nose has to do with how you use your will. This issue with your sinuses has to do also with love and hatred issues, a 4th chakra issue. Again, what yoou choose to operate out of - You are still needing to balance the male and female within. Read the article on this listed at the end of the home page.

Using the Pallas Athena magenta quintessence aurasoma essence would be good for you, to reawaken you to love and beauty. You can order it at

Also, this is a past life issue, so you need to do some past life healing work. I invite you to find a reputable practitioner or healer who works with this near you.

Were there any issues of inappropriate sexuality events or conduct that happened in your life? If so, the love and hatred may deal with that.

Blessings, Ayal

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