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"I am planning on having a baby but can't live without my painkillers"

to whom this may concern hi i am 38yo and have severe chronic lower back pain following failed disk surgery. i take endone 10mg four times a day and 10mg oxycontin daily. i am planning on having a baby but cant live without my painkillers does anyone know if while pregnant can i still take my pain killers


I think it's not a good idea - drugs of any kind will severely affect a child in uterus. And how will you be able to carry a child through pregnancy if your back is that problematic, or bend down to take care of it or carry it after it's born with that kind of pain? I invite you, instead of only numbing the pain, to deal with and heal the issues that caused it. Then you have a chance to really heal yourself. Simply numbing pain can be a relief, and at times is necessary, but it does not deal with the real problem. There are many ways to heal other then using the traditional medical route which prescribes drugs to deal with almost everything but does not get to the core of the matter. I invite you to explore some of these other ways to heal. The fact that you say you can't live without painkillers is a big red flag to me that says you tend strongly to be dependent on externals in your life rather than on yourself and your own power and sense of inner authority. There's a lot here for you to figure out before a child comes into your life, I think, both physically and emotionally, if you really want to be there for this child in the best way that you can.

Blessings, Ayal

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