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"Why am I not able to attract a loving relationship in my life?"

Why am I not able to attract and keep real love from a mate in my life? I am almost 41 years old and really don't want to be alone forever.


Hi - it's necessary for you to let go of a misconception you have, which is like a software error in a computer, that deals with what is called "the gutter ball issue" - a subconscious programming for failure. You have been programmed to believe that you will fail no matter what. That is a false belief. Allow that belief to be released, and put a new one in its place, just like programming a computer, that works better for you to create what you chose to in life. Also, you have a belief that your self esteem is dependent on others, and that you are unworthy. A good affirmation to say regarding this would be:

"I am the only me there is, and I am unique and wonderful."
I'd say that 4 times a day for the next 3 months. But remember, for any intention or affirmation to work, it must be accompanied by a strong, new, clear emotion. So as you say this, you must feel strongly how that feels to be uniquely special and wonderful, and to revel in being who you are. To love yourself, in other words, and take delight in being yourself.

There is also an issue showing up called "affection that shouldn't be". What that usually means is that where you put your affections is in the wrong place or goes out to the wrong type of person. Often this issue shows up when someone has been abused, as that sexual energy going out toward someone is wrongly placed. However, I did not get abuse showing up for you, but I did get that you have some hate to release and some trauma. To help with this, I invite you to order an Aura-Soma product, the orange pomander - it gently heals trauma and absorbs shock and brings about insight and forgiveness. You can order it at Somewhere along the way your feminine got wounded - perhaps in childhood - and you are needing to develop a more serene disposition.

You also need to do some healing work with the 2nd chakra. I invite you very much to get Caroline Myss's book, 'Anatomy of the Spirit', and read it, paying close attention especially to the 2nd chakra information. It will help you a lot. There are imbalances you have in relating to the instinctual aspects of yourself - and you are needing a more spiritual philosophy. You need to heal the split you have between sexuality and spirituality, in other words..

So, it's important for you to see the whole picture and also to detach from the outcome - by doing so, you will be able to let go of your impatience. I invite you to say this twice a day for 3 months, again with the appropriate new emotion:

"I trust in the Universal Intelligence that created me to bring my desires to me just the right way at the perfect time."
Doing a good detox program for your body and also getting on a better diet would be good for you.

Blessings, Ayal

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