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"The past couple of years I have noticed deep, vertical ridges in my nails"

I imagine you are very busy, but I would really appreciate any direction you could give me. And I will be more than happy to make a contribution for your time. Thanks so much. For the past couple of years I have noticed deep, vertical (washboard) ridges in my nails. Lately, I have developed horizontal ridges on some nails, as well. I have been vegan in diet for about 4 years. I have consulted w/my chiropractor who also does a great deal of nutritional therapy, but none of the supplements seemed to help. I am at a loss, and don't really know of any natural healers in my area. I have gone through a tremendous amount of emotional processing the past several years and know that has a huge impact on a person, but just want to make certain there is no physical issue I need to address. I would really appreciate any direction you could give me.


Well, first of all, I get that there may be some chronic anxiety going on for you, which does create a lot of stress and wears down the immune system. To help your immune system, I invite you to order these 2 products from Shaklee: vita C and formula 1. Using the gold Aura-Soma pomander essence for irrational fear, and to reconnect you to your innate wisdom, would be good for you. You can order this at

Something seems to be going on with your teeth. You might want to check that out. Check out your tonsils as well.

Your blood, diaphragm, and lungs need strengthening somewhat. The lungs could use some acupressure along the lung meridian points found in the body. I'd have them checked out, also. Work on your blood circulation and purifying the blood, and also on any constipation problems. Your nutrition and diet need some work and change. You need about 3 times the amount of protein you are getting. Eating strawberries is good for you; also collards and butternut squash. As supplements: vitamin B 12, natural beta-carotene, pantethine, for high cholesterol, coenzyme Q10, and folic acid,

It would be good for you to have some colonics and clean out your intestines. Peppermint and ginger tea will help with this, also.

You need to exercise more, and get checked out for food allergies. I'd go to a good naturopathic and/or medical doctor for these things. Going to a good chiropractor would be very beneficial as well, to align your skeletal structure.

Get checked out for high triglycerides and also fungal infections. Garlic is good for the fungal infections.

You need to cut the cords to some family member - see the article listed at the end of the home page about this, and you also need to repair a hole in your aura. To do this, put your arms out to the sides at 90 degree angles, so your elbows are bent. Your fingers are closed, and you alternate the thumbs, going in and out. As you do this, you can do the yogic Breath of Fire, which is to breathe in through your nose very fast without pausing and pushing the air out in a strong manner. Start by doing the breath of fire for only 30 seconds, and gradually work up to a minute. It's a very purifying breath, so drink lots of water after.

Blessings, Ayal

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