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"I want to lose weight, but i seem to sabotage my own efforts"

hi, i am a 26 year old female that is more than a hundred lbs. over weight. i am tired of being this way. i have been overweight all of my life, so this is a comfort for me. is there anyway to change my bad habits, and conditioned attitude towards weightloss? i want to lose weight, but i seem to sabotage my own efforts.


Hi - well, there are eating disorders which are the result of energetic disorders. You need to do a cleansing. It would be great for you to go to a natural health clinic or a place where people go to get a healing and do fasting or special diets where you can get the support you need to go through a dietary cleansing program.

The energetic disorders seem to be coming from an ancestral or family issue that has to do with some powerful anger from the wife which makes the rest of the family feel very anxious, unsafe and insecure. When around this kind of anger, it is natural to want to build up a shield, and often people do that by gaining weight as a protective barrier. Also, there is a relationship with your sibling, a sister, perhaps, that you really need to let go of. In fact, there seems to be some hate going on, which only, in the end hurts you and closes down your heart. There may have been emotional abuse going on toward you, from her, and perhaps she even discounted you as a female or made jokes about you. You felt cheapened, I think, in regards to your sexuality and femininity. Remember, you can only create this kind of thing if you have those feelings and beliefs toward yourself. So, you need to create and program into yourself new beliefs about yourself. You have lived with shyness and repression. Remember; We are all meant to shine! You also need to cut the cords to this sibling. To do this, read the article listed at the end of the home page for more information.

A good thing to say regarding the anxieties and insecurities you have felt in your home is: "God, thank you for healing all the origins of this problem."

I'd say this 3 times a day for 3 years, actually.

You have been depended upon somewhat as a source of warmth and spirituality and healing, but this has felt like a burden to you, and at the same time you have an issue of feeling useless going on. That needs to be transformed. Also, you do not need to take on the burdens or needs of others. Each person needs to develop their own strength and power to find their way and heal themselves. You can be a light to others, if you choose to be, but not unless it is something you choose of your own volition to do. Otherwise, you are being a victim.

You need to acknowledge who you are and your wonderful attributes, qualities, accomplishments, and your results with gratitude. Say this, 3 times a day for 3 years: "I am deeply thankful for all that I am, all that I have received, and I enjoy giving to others in the spirit of love and service."

Your Spleen needs some healing. Look up some info on Chinese medicine on the net, and see what foods are good for the spleen. There are also tinctures you can take at the health food store for the spleen. Or, go to a good naturopathic chiropractor and get checked out regarding this. There are also tinctures you can take to enhance weight loss that are safe that can be found there.

You need more self awareness and energy about being able to persevere and have the courage to not be wimpy or insecure. Work on the issue of generating your own inner strength and power. You need to overcome your insecurity and anxiety.

A good intention to also state is this: I'd say this 4 times a day for the next 4 months: "I am now free!"

Also, it would be important to state the following, twice a day for 3 months: "I sponsor myself to the Creator, the Cosmic All, the Masters, and the Creator Entity to have God's clearing energies to remove all adversities to the planes. Thank you!"

I invite you to order the Yellow Aura-Soma pomander for nervousness, as well as the Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara quintessence which is for creating the understanding within you, "As above, so below." It helps to brings the Divine into the everyday. You can order them at They will help you a lot.

It would be very very good for you to eat organic leaf lettuce salads twice a day instead of other things, 2 pink grapefruit daily, and about 12 raw apricots daily, and 2 pieces of watermelon. Also, take chromium, vitamin C (2000mg daily), the essential oils formula (for high cholesterol), folic acid, and zinc as daily supplements.

Blessings, Ayal

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