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"My husband has a painful tooth but won't go to the dentist"

My husband has a tooth (molar) that has been very painful for about a month, he won't go to the dentist. Now he is having chills and a cough that won't go away. He also says that the tooth is coming apart. Can all these symptoms be related and should I be concerned?


Hi - well, I get that your husband needs to do some serious detoxification. There are many detoxification programs. Often you can go to a health food store to see what they have, or go to a good naturopathic doctor and get on a program. I also get, on the spiritual level, that he needs to become receptive to Grave, or Spirit - allowing Grace to come in and work with him to regain his health. He needs to develop the spiritual side of himself. He also needs to work on being of more service to others. He needs to let go of some old, unhealthy habits and patterns he's got going on. The issue of not feeling that he has the ability to provide for life's necessities is up for him, and by becoming receptive to Spirit, this will help with that. His values and ethics need to be looked at and changed in some areas.

It would be great for him to sit quietly and ask the question: "What is my true need here?"

Using the yellow Aura-Soma pomander, to bring back clarity and courage to life, would be good for him. It can be ordered at You simply smell it and then apply it to the body wherever it feels right.

He needs to start ingesting some foods that are antioxidants, such as green tea (without caffeine), a cup twice a day, at least two kiwi fruits daily, 2 tomatoes daily, organic if possible, and he needs to take the Essential Oils Formula and manganese as dietary supplements.

There is also an issue of emotional dependency and indebtedness showing up, which says to me that he has issues about not believing that he can take care of himself, and that he "owes" others due to that. This would also relate back to his need to take much better care of himself physically. Now, in regards to this, you have to watch out that you do not exacerbate or play into this issue of his with one of your own, in which you try to do it for him. Be very aware of yourself and see if you operate in such a way that you create a dynamic where he is emotionally dependent on you - see if you take that need to take care of himself away from him by any need you have to control, criticize, put down, or take care of others. That will only cripple him. He needs to do this for himself. That will empower him and bring him back to health and balance He already has a fear of success and tends to go into morbid thoughts. All of this creates a negative state in the body and lowers the immune system. He needs to find and trust his own power and ability. You can love him and encourage him and give him your unequivocal trust that you know who he really is and that he can do it, but you can't do it for him. It's time for him to deal with his own stuff and issues if he chooses to get well.

Is there an emotionally charged energy regarding the family situation? If so, perhaps it is due to this dynamic mentioned above. That needs to transform. He needs to develop a more serene disposition, as well as develop his own individuality more. Due to this tension, he has constriction in his chest area. There needs to be a much calmer influence in the home environment. I think that there is something regarding this that you need to look at in yourself as well. What is going on between the two of you emotionally? If there is something going on that is negative, the energy needs to shift. That dynamic needs to change for you both to become more balanced and clear beings. To help shift this, I invite you to start practicing the Living Light Breath, which can be found on Ken page's web site at

Blessings, Ayal,

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