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"I am shy and afraid to embarrass myself"

hiya am Angie !

ive ben with my boy friend for 3 weeks nah.. and am really shy am 17 yrs old and my b/f is 19.. i want to change, i want to have better sex but i dont know how to.. i just feel like am gonna embarasse myself :(.. plz can u help me, thanks


Well, you are very young still, and overcoming shyness and self consciousness takes time. To start with, 3 times a day, place your hands over your heart and say: "I am enough". This will help you begin to trust yourself and value yourself more.

Fill yourself up with love and light and a radiant, glowing energy, from head to toe. Breathe in deeply as you do this, allowing that energy to flow into every cell and deep into your heart.

When you feel shy, or uncomfortable, do these things and you will feel better and stronger and more clear. It will also help you to relax, and when we feel relaxed, anything we choose to do we do better.

Blessings, Ayal

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